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There’s Still Time: My 5 Last Minute Gift Picks

Just A Thought If Your List is Long
& Your Time Is Short

Team, it’s Thursday. And if you’re like me, all of your best laid plans for gifting the most elegant, thoughtfully-curated items to the people in your life have slipped out of your fingertips and into the steaming hot cup of coffee that’s teetering on the edge of your standing desk. This is very autobiographical right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, and I really love shopping (you know this), but every year, it seems like my stack of “To Dos” at work sneakily encroaches on those 2 hour windows I blocked off to slip away and pick up goodies for my mom/husband/brother-in-law. 

We’re five days from Christmas and at this point, maybe not even Amazon Prime can save you. Thankfully, there’s still time to leave your home and bop into some of our nation’s finest brick and mortars (as in my friends in Memphis can shop here as easy as my crew in NYC), so I thought I’d humbly share 5 things you can buy that don’t come from a Walgreens:

  1. Cool Shoes She’d Never Buy Herself 

Mules are still all the rage, and BLESS UP because baby kitten heels are too. Mom can wear these, but so can you, and so can your cousin who truly never learned how to wear heels but is here for the fashion and always cornering you for tips. 

LEVEL UP – Bonus points for wrapping the lid and base of the shoe box so your giftee experiences an ultra-chic, lift-of-the lid moment.

Shop at: Target

2. Headbands and Scrunchies

It’s a very Waldorf Christmas.

90’s hair paraphernalia is having a moment, say hi to fat headbands and scrunchies – GLORIOUS SCRUNCHIES! Buy them for the person in your life who watches endless Beauty Tutorials on YouTube or your mom who was a scrunchie OG and wants to revel in her glory days.

LEVEL UP – Get these for your sister and wrap them around a bottle of Veuve Cliquot because Bubbles and Scrunchies forever.

Shop at: J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, Madewell

3. The Gift of Sound and Lack Thereof

Listen Up, Or Don’t

Just bite the bullet and buy him those Beats. I promise, the look on his face when he unwraps them will make you forget the price. They’re also perfect for your dad who JUST wants to mow the lawn in peace or do whatever it is that he does on his iPad while your mom watches Ina Garten. JK – INA is for everyone

LEVEL UP – Pre-charge them so they are ready to rock as soon as he pulls them out of the box.

Shop at: Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart

4. An Invitation To the Teddy Bear Club

He’s Extra-Snuggly

Teddy Coats are continuing their momentum, but I’ve noticed that guys have been invited to join the club as well. Teddy pullovers are soft, cozy, and so trendy that you won’t care he’s wearing it on your date in two weeks. Cool guys can pair it with Nike 97’s and normal guys can slip it over their chinos and Vineyard Vines t-shirt. 

Shop At: Dick’s Sporting Goods, J.Crew

LEVEL UP – Get him the Nike 97’s too 😉

5. A Moment In The Future

The easiest way to buy something they’d never buy for themselves.

Honestly, I will never ever turn down a sweet little experience. Book me all the massages, blowouts, and mani-pedi appointments. And likely neither will your bestie with an infant, your work-wife or work-mom. I realize this gift is not quite universal because there are people out there, ahem, my mom, who do NOT like to be touched, so know thyself before you book. The great thing about this gift is the chance to invest into local business as well. You can call your local spot today and pop by in the next day or so to pick up a gift card. 

LEVEL UP – Commit to the experience, pick up a coordinating sweatsuit for your person to wear on their outing. 

Shop At: Local Salons, Wellness Centers, and Spas

The final thing I’d recommend is (speaking DIRECTLY to myself here) to give the present of being present wherever you are these next few days. Try super hard to not answer “Busy” when asked how you are and for the love, put the phone down.

If you’re feeling like Christmas snuck up on your, take a deep breath! There’s still time to shop and there’s plenty of time to soak in the season, even if you feel a little late to the party. 

xx – hh

PS – Stay tuned this week for another HHA post. Back 2 Back December posts because where did 2018 go?

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Proportionally Speaking

At this point in my life, I’ve seen hundreds, maybe thousands, pictures of myself, but for whatever reason it was this picture (above) that Ryan snapped of me this summer that made me notice something totally new about myself. Could it be? Is that right? Right there in front of me, I noticed that I have a short torso. All of the pieces started to fall into place: high-waisted pants and empire waists always look flattering on me and longer tops always felt way too long. Right then, at the age of 28, I realized I have a short torso.

A friend and colleague of mine who happens to have excellent style and taste always says the first two rules of fashion are “Find your waist, and then find a tailor.” When I’m dressing clients or friends, I always consider their “lengths” first—it’s the easiest way to pull together outfits that truly look amazing on you. There are tons of little tricks to make sure that you’re dressing in a way that suits you proportionally, like always wearing heels with midi-length dress or wearing shorts with an oversized jacket to keep your legs looking long. Skinny jeans end up making lots of people looking stumpy when worn with flats, but so much taller with heels—something about that extra few inches of ankle and top of your foot make all the difference. Since I realized I have a shorter torso, I’m looking for more cropped tees to wear with high-rise pants so I look taller.

So how do you figure out where you fall length-wise? For one, if you’re always having to get your jeans hemmed or if they’re never long enough, you can probably gauge if you have short or long legs. If jumpsuits always result in a bit of a camel toe, you’ve probably got a long torso and if crop tops hit where a regular shirt would, I’m calling a bit of a shorter torso. Also note—I’ve discovered that this concept is incredibly difficult to express by writing, but I’ve found some articles that express it better than I do here and here.

I’m a list maker and getting dressed is so visual, so I pulled together some images (yay! my Illustrator skills on display!!) and a checklist of some super steller looks from some of my style icons. I’m deeply obsessed with how Kortney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Sienna Miller (I know, why not Kim? Probably because it’s hard for anyone I know to relate to her shape) dress. I know, I’m the worst, but I think they’re solid examples three different body builds: short torso + petite figure, long torso + long legs, and equal lengths torso + legs. Pulling images of them gave me such great inspo for my fall wardrobe too!

For my girls with long torsos – look to Kendall Jenner!

Ladies, you are the drop waist queens and can rock an oversize tee like no-one else. If you’re blessed like Kendall with super long legs, lean into wide-leg pants and flares, because it’ll just make you look more sky high! Make friends with a front tuck (Hi, Tan France) to define where your torso ends and legs begin. It’s also likely that you can wear a the ever-tricky mid-length bootie, just in time for fall.



For my girls with shorty torsos – go for Kortney Kardashian!

I’m so obsessed with Kortney’s style. She’s a tiny petite person, but still manages to look super fly and leggy no matter what. The biggest take away – cropped tops are your friend! And no, you don’t need a six pack to wear them. Even if they hit the top of your pants and show no tummy at all, it’ll still make your legs longer looking.



If you can’t decide if you have a particularly short or long torso, you may be “Equal Length! Good for you, this means life is a little easier for you, but not without need for tailoring or some nuances. 

I think Sienna Miller, although petite still, is pretty proportionate. She’s just kinda fashion heaven too. Take a close look at wear pants hit her—even full length pants are expertly tailored to hit right at the ground to avoid “pooling” or having too much of a break. She almost always wear a high-waisted pant to make herself look long and lean.



There you have it. It’s a good exercise to survey your own lines! Consider this the next time you’re trying something on. And please, remember, just because something doesn’t fit you right does NOT mean that you’re body is wrong or bad, it might just mean that proportionally, it’s not the right fit, or you just need some tailoring or the right pair of shoes to make it right! Be kind to yourself. We all have different, beautiful bodies. I’m just here to help you get dressed in a way that makes you feel 100% you and 100% amazing.

xx – hh

Shopping Guide

Shop Like A Pro

A few months ago, I shared the brands I shop to build a closet full of clothes that I absolutely love. And today, I’m calling out how I shop because—letz be honest, the stuff I gravitate towards can be pricey. I have no problem investing in my clothes, but that doesn’t mean I can run to Saks every other week. Unless I wanted to live out the phrase “all dressed up and nowhere to go…because she broke.” (I added that last part.) To avoid bankruptcy, here’s what I do to stay focused and grab the items I want for a season.

  1. Make A List

It all starts with a list. I begin building mine a few months before a season. I’m starting to think about fall now. New fall usually hits stores around the first week of August, and is in full swing by September 1. Which is about the time I start getting ready to actually pull the trigger on anything.

I build my list on Pinterest and pull in inspiration images to keep me focused, which really helps me ensure I’m building a cohesive collection of clothes. Most of my fun summer pieces I bought for my Paris trip in May, but here’s a small version of what my summer list looks like – Kardashian vibes, anyone?


2. Start Obsessing

For the most part, I know exactly what I want to buy, but mama can’t always shell out $500 for a new pair of shoes at the drop of a hat. Double fashion pun! So, I start being a crazy ex-girlfriend and check in on the things I want endlessly. Another tip is searching the exact style on competitive websites to see if you can find it for less.

I’ll even go in-store and try the thing on so I know my size and am fully prepared to click “Buy” if the price drops. Once I did this with a pair of tan, suede Rag & Bone boots and got hella lucky. For whatever reason, these $500 boots didn’t sell super well, and one day I checked the Rag & Bone website (crazy ex-girlfriend shopper, here) and they had been marked down HALF OFF. HALF, you guys. I called the Soho store and picked them up that night. Cue the choir singing behind me.


Acne Studios is always on my list.

Also, if you want a certain style of thing, and not a specific item, Google is your friend. Need a green long dress and want to pay less than $100 for it? Go for “Green Long Dress Asos”—usually something right-ish will come along.

The moral of the story is you gotta know your options, and check in on them.

3. Wait For The Weekend


“Oh hello, are these on sale?”

I worked over a decade in retail and wholesale, and the one thing I know for sure is that most things eventually go on sale. This rule does not apply, however, to most designer bags, ready-to-wear, and shoes. A Chanel jacket or that new Gucci bag aren’t going on sale (at all, ever) so look on TheRealReal.com or just shell out the money, honey.

But for your Nordstroms, Zaras, Saks, Neimans, Macy’s, J Crews, etc., everything else will pretty much go on sale, and usually on the weekend. Hop on the website on Saturday and try your luck—you can typically score 15-30% off. Some retailers are super crazy and notice if you have something in your cart or even merely LOOKED at an item (eek! Technology is creepy) and may lure you back with 10% off. I’ll take it.

If your item is selling out quickly or you’re on a deadline, hit up ebates and just buy the dang thing. At least with ebates I get a few pennies back + points on my credit card. Hallelujah! All is not lost.

4. Stay The Course

Haley Hoover Shopping

Something that didn’t make the list this season.

Be choosey about what you bring home. Having a tiny New York City apartment has made me a master editor. I’ve met way way way too many women with closets literally overflowing with clothes and only 10 items in there that they actually wear.

Go back to your “inspiration images” and “the list” or look at the items you have that make you feel the most amazing—and look for more pieces like that. Getting dressed should be an empowering experience, not a chore! Beware of those $10 items from the Target sale rack that “kinda fit.” You’ll wear it once and never again and that, to me, is $10 I could have spent on coffee and a treat with a friend instead.

And that’s it! Get going on those lists, people. And tag me—@hihaleyannie—when you make them, I want to see what you’re shopping for this season. It’s going to be our best one yet.

xx – hh

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4 Days In Paris & 5 Things You Need

Bonjour mes amours!

Reporting to you live after a month of waiting to go away to Paris, four days actually in Paris, and then ten more days wishing I was back in Paris. One of the blessings of being in a relationship with two incomes and no children is the ability to be a petit willy-nilly from time to time—including jumping on a plane and running around Paris for four days with your friends. I say this with only the utmost thankfulness and disbelief that I get to type that sentence. 

Since I’ve arrived back stateside, I’ve spent no less than 1,700 hours staring longingly at all of the photos we snapped during our getaway. Some of my faves are the shots of two of my closets girls—Jenna and Kate—and myself; I love how we all have different styles we gravitate towards, but how well they work together.

Meet Jenna, a poised and ultra-femme social media and photography dynamo. She laughs at all my jokes and could easily be best friends with Taylor Swift. Her style is ladylike, effortless, and incredibly chic.

Meet Kate, my Aussie angel who never met a designer brand she didn’t like. She rocks her Valentino heels like no one else, but also looks fabulous in an oversized jersey from Rag & Bone. Basically, she’s glam, and she’s my style icon.

And you know me, Haley. I think I fall somewhere in the middle of road between these two, which seems fitting because I identify best with street style.

Drawing inspiration from the three of us, I thought I’d round up five things that I suggest you add to your “To Shop For” list for the summer months, all while taking you through some of the amazing pictures from our trip. Two birds, one stone! Between the three of us, I’m sure you’ll find a piece or two that speaks to you.

Un: Fresh Sunnies

For sunny days, and ignoring people.


L to R – Jenna: Le Specs, Haley: Quay, Kate: Maison Margiela

Deux: A Flirty Dress or Jumpsuit

For beating the heat and making ’em sweat.

2018-05-21 14:33:44.803

L to R – Jenna: Reformation, Haley: FaithfultheBrand, Kate: Rachel Comey

Trois: A Bag That Goes Everywhere

Can’t stop, won’t stop, and won’t be weighed down.


L to R – Jenna: Chloe, Haley: Gucci, Kate: Saint Laurent


Quatre: Frilly Tops

For feeling—and looking—lighter than a cloud.

2018-05-19 19:17:11.844

L to R – Jenna: Sezane, Haley: L’Academie, Kate: Veronica Beard


Cinq: The Perfect Jacket

Sealing the deal, just in case a chill sets in. 


L to R – Jenna: Alice & Olivia, Haley: IRO , Kate: Zara


It only takes five little pieces (and maybe four days in Paris) to jumpstart your summer style. Happy shopping, mes chéris.

xx — hh

Shopping Guide

How We Curate Our Style

By now, if you know me, you’re familiar with my small extreme addiction to shopping. If I’m being honest, it has always been the one thing in my life I’m positive I’m good at. But in our world of shoppable social media, a continuous stream of ads, and retail stores for days, even I get a little overwhelmed by the options.

Enter my husband and style crush Ryan, who keeps a list of five brands that he loves and shops exclusively. It takes all the guesswork out of where to start when he needs something new. And it means that typically, more things go together. (We have two tiny closets; focus is everything!) We’re into quality over quantity and wear our favorite pieces repeatedly during a season. Exhibit A, B, C, D.

To help my friends who feel clueless when it comes to a “capsule” style aesthetic, I’ve done it for you! I’m sharing five brands that work for four distinct styles. And I left out the obvious choices of J.Crew and Anthropologie, because it’s nice outside of the obvious choices, pinky swear. I even curated Pinterest boards with a style icon for each vibe to help you stay inspired as you build out a thoughtful wardrobe, click on those to shop items that fit within each aesthetic. Use my picks to inspire your own “Top Five” list and challenge yourself to go to those brands first when you need something new.

Capsule Collection Examples
My Capsule Style Reco’s


Style Icon: Camille Rowe – Effortless sexiness in a killer pair of jeans

Brands To Start With: APC, ALC, L’Agence, Levi’s, COS

For the girl who loves J.Crew, but really wants to branch out. Keep it simple and no fuss. Look for high-waist, vintage denim, stripes, stripes, stripes, sexy silks, and a tailored jacket or blazer. Shoes are loafers, pointy-toed heels, or plain sneakers. Bonjour, chicness!


Style Icon: Taylor Swift – America’s sweetheart with an unabashed love of all things girly

Brands To Start With: Club Monaco, Ganni, & Other Stories, Aritzia, Banana Republic

I basically built this for my friend Jenna, using Taylor Swift as inspiration. Need I say more? No, but I will. You love frills, florals, and Anthropologie. The wild card here was Banana Republic, who has been turning out some exceptional pieces lately. Look for pleats, ruffles, and prints that make you sigh with happiness.


Style Icon: Any Editor at Vogue 😉 – No-one does it like a Vogue girl with a love of crazy layers and anything different

Brands To Start With: Adidas Originals, Acne Studios, Rag & Bone, Zara, Opening Ceremony

This is for the girl who longs to get her photo snapped coming out of a fashion show. Pair sporty pants with structured button downs. Go for oversized pieces and t-shirts that make you say “Is this cool or ugly?” Honestly, it may be both. Stan Smiths are the go-to shoe, and a street style star’s best friend!


Style Icon: Miroslava Duma – This former editor of Vogue Russia slays all day in checks, stripes, and cheetah—sometimes all at once

Brands To Start With: Sandro, Kurt & Lyle, Être Cécile, Equipment, MINKPINK

For my ladies who love Lilly P, but maybe want to elevate a little. You’ve never met a colorful dress you didn’t like and the thought of #allblackeverything makes you very sad inside. Look for high-impact tops and pair them with a “neutral” print bottom like small polka-dots, hounds tooth, or stripes. Don’t sleep on Kurt & Lyle, a Brooklyn-based brand with killer outerwear.

Can’t narrow down to five brands? That’s fine! But take note of the pieces in your closet that you feel amazing in (yoga pants don’t count, y’all) and shop those brands first when you want something new. Tip #2 – make a list on your phone of what you actually need so you don’t come home from the mall with 7 items that look like that top you already have in your closet. Smarter shopping = less days where you say, “I have nothing to wear.” I promise.

Happy Shopping!

xx – hh

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What Am I Even Wearing – Part 2

A few weeks ago, I started a blind trek into my fall and winter wardrobe, feeling a little under-prepared and undereducated on what’s hot and trendy for Autumn 2016. In need of a little fashion inspo-I turned to the street style stars of fashion week to figure out just want to put in my cart during my late night shopping sessions. I’m thrilled to announce that the 90s are alive this fall, but so are some new looks. I’ve rounded up my top picks to make your weekend trips to the mall a little more streamlined.



Photo Cred: Vogue.com

Thank goodness for the asymmetrical sweater, because its sister-knit, the regular sweater, really needed an upgrade. Be on the lookout for splits, cutouts, and dangling hems on brightly hued, deeply saturated knits. Last winter, I finally ponied up the cash for an Equipment sweater and it quickly became my go-to (as evidenced here and here), so I recommend shelling out a little more for a squishy-soft designer piece. But if that’s not your jam, try out a steal option.



Photo Cred: Vogue.com

If summer was about the shoulder, fall is all about the sleeve. The statement sleeve is here and taking every mass retailer by storm. Some tops are tied up, laced up, or cinched, while others bell out or puff in the middle. For the first time in a long time, we have the opportunity to express ourselves with the bottom portion of our arms (FINALLY, amiright?) and I find that novel and exciting. If you’re gonna say something, say it with a sleeve that screams, “NOTICE MEEEEEEE.” Choose wisely how much you spend, or just be careful when eating large bowls or soup or reaching by open flames.

Quick shop = Tibi or F21



Billowing bottoms are totally what’s up for fall, as as a women with hips and a booty, I’m thrilled. Skinny jeans aren’t going anywhere, but I’m so aware of my lack of stick-skinniness when I wear them. Say it with me: Wide leg pants that float away from your widest part are your friend. I live in a black trouser from Zara and can’t wait to take their cold-weather counterpart for a spin. A light-colored hue will keep chunky sweaters feeling too heavy. Pro-tip: A heel is best with these pants so your ankles still look lean and pretty. If you’re a flat devotee and you pick up some full-length wide trousers, have your tailor hem your pants so there is no break; this will keep your legs from looking stumpy or frumpy.




Photo Credit: Vogue.com

This season’s boots go in two extremes: high or low. You can either opt for the sexy over the knee boot—highly recommend this – it really will boost your morale!—or the street smart block heel bootie that literally goes all day and doesn’t bat an eye (if booties had eyes that is..). Having nearly walked holes into my Stuart Weitzmans, I’m seeking out a relief hitter from Rag and Bone, but these nearly identical ones really gave my designer dreams a run for their money. I love the block heeled boot because you get the lift of a pump, but the mobility of a flat. #cantstopwontstop



The uber trendy slides are the perfect way to show everyone that the world is your bedroom. These super-chic, difficult to walk in slides a la Gucci’s Alessandro Michele are popping up everywhere. They certainly have curb appeal don’t they? Shop at Saks for a pair, or head to Zara, to join the club of ladies slip, slidin’ around.

Happy shopping! I can’t wait to see the fabulous outfits my friends start putting together; and with the temperature dropping every day, I’m pretty sure I won’t have to seek inspiration from social media much longer. We’re taking it to the streets! Be sure to follow my  N E W Pinterest board for more fall-fashion picks.

Stay cozy, lovelies.

xx – Haley

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Bare Boned

I’d like to start out by giving a nod to The Bachelor for keeping me in the know of what cool girls are wearing in fashion.  Ever since our move to New York, I’ve been pursuing an NYC look; streamlined, darker, cool shoes. But every now and then, I find it wise to look west to our rivals friends in LA and see what they’re wearing, especially in summertime. In this case, I found my LA-inspo via Bachelor Ben’s gaggle of lovely, *mostly* mild-mannered honies (ps, there’s some debate on how to spell the plural form of Honey, but per urban dictionary this is right). Sure Lauren B and Amanda had some incredibly Cali Style, but I loved Jojo (of course)—she’s from Texas so we are kindof southern sisters and she continually rocked amazing off the shoulder tops. I’d seen shoulder baring tops here and there at the tail end of last summer, but once the girls on America’s Reality Show starting wearing them, I knew we’d be inundated with options this summer, because nothing says, “It’s summer. Let’s date.” like a pair of suntanned shoulders and collar bone.

Wanna climb aboard the trendy train? It’s so easy this summer! I love the off the shoulder top vs. the crop tops and deep v’s of days past because a) everyone has shoulders and b) almost always they are worth showing off  and c) you can show them off in a decent, classy way. You can pop this little top on over cutoffs or distressed jeans or dress it way up with a fitted skirt and heels. I posted a picture of me in this outfit a few weeks back and someone commented that this is the “ultimate flirty outfit.” To that I say thank you, first off, and also I don’t disagree.


A little shoulder goes a long way.



I love how this top floats; it’s so easy to pair with whatever!



This is me thinking about how many times I’m wearing this top all summer.

I think this style has longevity. Get ready—I predict designers taking the off the shoulder look far into cooler months because it’s just so dang fun to wear. Plus these tops are flying off the shelves; retailers everywhere are thanking their lucky stars for The Bachelor, probably. It’s like they always say: Shoulder Sells.

Wanna get in on the action, but not sure where to start? I’ve pinned TONS of tops, outfit ideas, and dresses right here on my new Pinterest board to get ya going. Like seriously, there is so much to see.  Click over and get to shopping. Don’t forget to email me if you have questions!


xx – Haley

Key Pieces: Top – Zara // Earrings – J Crew // Shoes – Sam Edelman // Nails – Be There in a Prosecco, OPI




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On to the Next

“On to the Next” is one of my favorite phrases. A few years ago, my little brother and I graduated high school and college the same year, and I convinced my mom to get the Walmart bakery (I know, classy) to write it on our cake for the graduation party. Those blessed artisans at Walmart delivered—”On to the Next” was written in neat cursive; everyone at the party smiled and simultaneously tilted their head in confusion when they passed by our white cake with white icing and red accents. I didn’t care because a) I weirdly like doing things that throw people off and b) I was so ready for life beyond the textbook. This isn’t a plea to millennials to not go to school. Go to school, millennials. You don’t need a year to “pursue your YouTube channel full-time.” 

As I shake off 2015, I’m staring down the blank slate that is 2016. I’ve made personal resolutions which include using my camera more, running more miles—the typical stab at being more creative and getting skinnier. (I’m toasting 2016 with a glass full of green juice.) But here’s what’s going on in THIS space, you know, just in case you’ve been wondering:


I’m calling this my to-do list, rather than my resolutions, because everyone knows that resolutions never get completed and to-do lists, well, do, more often at least. Let me break it down for you.

  • More #BYOC – Bring Your Own Coffee is coming back! I’ll be highlighting more go-getters, more NYC ballers that I’ve crossed paths with over the past year.
  • More Shopping – Sorry guys, kindof forgot this was a style blog, not just a collection of pretty pictures. More posts featuring actual clothes you can buy.
  • More Closet Basics – I’m excited to be walking everyone through my closet basics, all the the things you should ABSOLUTELY have in your closet for no-fail, always-chic outfits.
  • Find affordable faux leather pants that are decent and look legit. DONE! I found these, they’re here. Go buy them.
  • The Big Hihaleyannie Project – this last one is still a bit secret, but it’ll be big and super fun when it happens. Stay. Tuned.

4 out of 5 things left to do. Are you ready to start shopping again? I am! On to the next…




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Layer Up! Dresses Over Denim

It’s Saturday morning and I just came back from a quick three-mile run, it’s a balmy 65 degrees and feels like heaven. And side note – it’s November! November as in last November we had definitely turned the heat on and had most likely seen a snowflake at some point. I don’t know why the good Lord is choosing to bless the North with some very Southern-like weather but I am not going to argue. I’ve still not fully switched my closet over to my winter clothes, because, you know, pulling down my small bin sweaters is SOOO hard. To be fair, the sweaters are on the highest shelf of my closet. I mean, I have to get a stool or enlist Ryan for help. So of course you can understand why I haven’t done this yet.. #LazyGirl

One of my favorite outfit combos of late is the pairing a tunic dress with distressed jeans. The end result is an outfit that looks updated but still casual and cool. If you’re out of ideas for a weekend look, this I highly suggest. If you’re a newbie, definitely go for fitted or skinny distressed jeans and opt for a dress that does not have a super fitted waist. Think tunic or shirtdress styles. If you are a well-practiced layer-er, I dare you to go for a straighter leg jean. Do this with caution though. If your jeans are too wide and your dress too flowy, you may just look like a very bad version of an Olsen twin circa 2005. Just google Leandra Medine of Manrepeller or Miroslava Duma (Former VOGUE Russia editor) for help. Those girls layer like no one else.

And don’t forget to really ROCK this look out. I added my favorite stilettos, an amazing vintage felt hat and of course, a trusty bandana. Never thought I’d say “here comes the sun” in November..

150919_RIDGEWOOD (31 of 109)

150919_RIDGEWOOD (28 of 109)

150919_RIDGEWOOD (10 of 109)

150919_RIDGEWOOD (12 of 109) 150919_RIDGEWOOD (24 of 109)150919_RIDGEWOOD (11 of 109) 150919_RIDGEWOOD (25 of 109)

150919_RIDGEWOOD (16 of 109)

Just to help out, I shopped a few outfits for both crowds – the new and not-so-novice. I also exclusively shopped the amazing Barney’s warehouse sale – prices are amazing until November 11th!

Denim layers

All images taken by the amazing Julia Hembree.

Happy Layering! – Hales

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Easter Cravings: What To Buy

Easter is upon us and some may even argue the same thing for spring!* The change of season, promise of renewed life, and even a warm, albeit brief, breeze is all the motivation us shopaholics need to pick up some refresher pieces for our closets.

It’s a holiday weekend so that may mean several or all of the following things: 1) a half day of work, 2) the arrival of parents or friends into town, 3) a lazy Saturday afternoon at the mall or Fifth Ave and 4) a Sunday morning at church followed by a big old ham cooked by Grandma. Before you suit up and eat up, I’m going to show you the Easter Cravings of which you need to stock up.

*Those of us in New York City seem to be living in a perpetual snow globe. I’m moving back to Nashville if I see so much as a flurry this weekend.

Easter Cravings

1. Sunday Best rand dress Aritzia
Why: Nothing makes you feel sweeter than a classic cut in femme florals. Bonus Points: There are super sassy cutouts in the back of this frock.

2. Silk Boatneck Tee
Why: Lavender sings spring and looks flattering with all skin types.           Bonus Points: Can be styled with the season’s IT-pants (the culotte, shown here) or with skinny jeans, a wrap-around skirt, or worn underneath a sheath dress. Hello, Springtime Warrior Tee.

3. J Crew j crew jewelry
Why: Is your Caribbean cruise still a few months away? Channel the island with these chunky statement earrings. Pull your hair into a low pony and let these guys steal the show!
Bonus Points: Plays for both teams!Dress up a tee-shirt or de-business a button down.

4. Edu Culotte
Why: Skinny pants be gone! Wide legs and shortened hems are on every style editor’s list. I hope you’ve done your ankle workouts because it’s time to show em’ off!
Bonus Points: For wearing a fitted top with these voluminous bottoms to keep yourself from getting lost in billows.

5. BP infinity scarf
Why: Layers are still here, just in a lighter set. Wear cropped jeans, a muscle tank and a jean jacket and finish it all off with this lavender cherry on top. This is your Easter Saturday Shopping look.
Bonus Points: Pair this scarf with a lavender top (see above) and rock the ever illusive, “oh I just threw this on” monochromatic look.

6. Nail polish
Why: Childhood memories are sweet aren’t they? Even if you’re not dip-dying eggs this year you can still relive your early Easter years with this pastel shade.
Bonus Points: Match your nails to your handbag – this is a thing, again! (See below)

7. Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody – Mini MAC

Why: I’m a longtime fan of this popular crossbody. It’s tiny, but punchy and will hold the necessities for a leisurely Spring day. This creamy mint color is so yummy!
Bonus Points: Channel T-Swift; wear with an all-white ensemble for a sweet and chic look!

8. Jessica Simpson ‘Caela’ Platform Sandal (Women)
Why: Two Words: Sandal. Season! Put your boots under the bed and take these vibrant stilettos for a spin! Wear with wide leg culottes like the ones shown here or with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans.
Bonus Points: Wear these sandals with printed socks to keep everyone guessing! (Just make sure the socks are clean and not dingy, please.)

9. Floral Sandals
Why: Last season’s Birkenstocks are making a victory lap and the price on this pair is perfect!
Bonus Points: Wear with a super feminine, flippy skirt to keep from looking too campy.
My work here is done, now get to shopping! Happy Easter everyone! We hope your heart is full and blessed this weekend. There’s a reason for this season and I’ll give you a hint, it’s not about bunnies. 😉
XX – Haley Hoover, SMP Stylist – NYC