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On to the Next

“On to the Next” is one of my favorite phrases. A few years ago, my little brother and I graduated high school and college the same year, and I convinced my mom to get the Walmart bakery (I know, classy) to write it on our cake for the graduation party. Those blessed artisans at Walmart delivered—”On to the Next” was written in neat cursive; everyone at the party smiled and simultaneously tilted their head in confusion when they passed by our white cake with white icing and red accents. I didn’t care because a) I weirdly like doing things that throw people off and b) I was so ready for life beyond the textbook. This isn’t a plea to millennials to not go to school. Go to school, millennials. You don’t need a year to “pursue your YouTube channel full-time.” 

As I shake off 2015, I’m staring down the blank slate that is 2016. I’ve made personal resolutions which include using my camera more, running more miles—the typical stab at being more creative and getting skinnier. (I’m toasting 2016 with a glass full of green juice.) But here’s what’s going on in THIS space, you know, just in case you’ve been wondering:


I’m calling this my to-do list, rather than my resolutions, because everyone knows that resolutions never get completed and to-do lists, well, do, more often at least. Let me break it down for you.

  • More #BYOC – Bring Your Own Coffee is coming back! I’ll be highlighting more go-getters, more NYC ballers that I’ve crossed paths with over the past year.
  • More Shopping – Sorry guys, kindof forgot this was a style blog, not just a collection of pretty pictures. More posts featuring actual clothes you can buy.
  • More Closet Basics – I’m excited to be walking everyone through my closet basics, all the the things you should ABSOLUTELY have in your closet for no-fail, always-chic outfits.
  • Find affordable faux leather pants that are decent and look legit. DONE! I found these, they’re here. Go buy them.
  • The Big Hihaleyannie Project – this last one is still a bit secret, but it’ll be big and super fun when it happens. Stay. Tuned.

4 out of 5 things left to do. Are you ready to start shopping again? I am! On to the next…




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Layer Up! Dresses Over Denim

It’s Saturday morning and I just came back from a quick three-mile run, it’s a balmy 65 degrees and feels like heaven. And side note – it’s November! November as in last November we had definitely turned the heat on and had most likely seen a snowflake at some point. I don’t know why the good Lord is choosing to bless the North with some very Southern-like weather but I am not going to argue. I’ve still not fully switched my closet over to my winter clothes, because, you know, pulling down my small bin sweaters is SOOO hard. To be fair, the sweaters are on the highest shelf of my closet. I mean, I have to get a stool or enlist Ryan for help. So of course you can understand why I haven’t done this yet.. #LazyGirl

One of my favorite outfit combos of late is the pairing a tunic dress with distressed jeans. The end result is an outfit that looks updated but still casual and cool. If you’re out of ideas for a weekend look, this I highly suggest. If you’re a newbie, definitely go for fitted or skinny distressed jeans and opt for a dress that does not have a super fitted waist. Think tunic or shirtdress styles. If you are a well-practiced layer-er, I dare you to go for a straighter leg jean. Do this with caution though. If your jeans are too wide and your dress too flowy, you may just look like a very bad version of an Olsen twin circa 2005. Just google Leandra Medine of Manrepeller or Miroslava Duma (Former VOGUE Russia editor) for help. Those girls layer like no one else.

And don’t forget to really ROCK this look out. I added my favorite stilettos, an amazing vintage felt hat and of course, a trusty bandana. Never thought I’d say “here comes the sun” in November..

150919_RIDGEWOOD (31 of 109)

150919_RIDGEWOOD (28 of 109)

150919_RIDGEWOOD (10 of 109)

150919_RIDGEWOOD (12 of 109) 150919_RIDGEWOOD (24 of 109)150919_RIDGEWOOD (11 of 109) 150919_RIDGEWOOD (25 of 109)

150919_RIDGEWOOD (16 of 109)

Just to help out, I shopped a few outfits for both crowds – the new and not-so-novice. I also exclusively shopped the amazing Barney’s warehouse sale – prices are amazing until November 11th!

Denim layers

All images taken by the amazing Julia Hembree.

Happy Layering! – Hales

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Easter Cravings: What To Buy

Easter is upon us and some may even argue the same thing for spring!* The change of season, promise of renewed life, and even a warm, albeit brief, breeze is all the motivation us shopaholics need to pick up some refresher pieces for our closets.

It’s a holiday weekend so that may mean several or all of the following things: 1) a half day of work, 2) the arrival of parents or friends into town, 3) a lazy Saturday afternoon at the mall or Fifth Ave and 4) a Sunday morning at church followed by a big old ham cooked by Grandma. Before you suit up and eat up, I’m going to show you the Easter Cravings of which you need to stock up.

*Those of us in New York City seem to be living in a perpetual snow globe. I’m moving back to Nashville if I see so much as a flurry this weekend.

Easter Cravings

1. Sunday Best rand dress Aritzia
Why: Nothing makes you feel sweeter than a classic cut in femme florals. Bonus Points: There are super sassy cutouts in the back of this frock.

2. Silk Boatneck Tee
Why: Lavender sings spring and looks flattering with all skin types.           Bonus Points: Can be styled with the season’s IT-pants (the culotte, shown here) or with skinny jeans, a wrap-around skirt, or worn underneath a sheath dress. Hello, Springtime Warrior Tee.

3. J Crew j crew jewelry
Why: Is your Caribbean cruise still a few months away? Channel the island with these chunky statement earrings. Pull your hair into a low pony and let these guys steal the show!
Bonus Points: Plays for both teams!Dress up a tee-shirt or de-business a button down.

4. Edu Culotte
Why: Skinny pants be gone! Wide legs and shortened hems are on every style editor’s list. I hope you’ve done your ankle workouts because it’s time to show em’ off!
Bonus Points: For wearing a fitted top with these voluminous bottoms to keep yourself from getting lost in billows.

5. BP infinity scarf
Why: Layers are still here, just in a lighter set. Wear cropped jeans, a muscle tank and a jean jacket and finish it all off with this lavender cherry on top. This is your Easter Saturday Shopping look.
Bonus Points: Pair this scarf with a lavender top (see above) and rock the ever illusive, “oh I just threw this on” monochromatic look.

6. Nail polish
Why: Childhood memories are sweet aren’t they? Even if you’re not dip-dying eggs this year you can still relive your early Easter years with this pastel shade.
Bonus Points: Match your nails to your handbag – this is a thing, again! (See below)

7. Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody – Mini MAC

Why: I’m a longtime fan of this popular crossbody. It’s tiny, but punchy and will hold the necessities for a leisurely Spring day. This creamy mint color is so yummy!
Bonus Points: Channel T-Swift; wear with an all-white ensemble for a sweet and chic look!

8. Jessica Simpson ‘Caela’ Platform Sandal (Women)
Why: Two Words: Sandal. Season! Put your boots under the bed and take these vibrant stilettos for a spin! Wear with wide leg culottes like the ones shown here or with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans.
Bonus Points: Wear these sandals with printed socks to keep everyone guessing! (Just make sure the socks are clean and not dingy, please.)

9. Floral Sandals
Why: Last season’s Birkenstocks are making a victory lap and the price on this pair is perfect!
Bonus Points: Wear with a super feminine, flippy skirt to keep from looking too campy.
My work here is done, now get to shopping! Happy Easter everyone! We hope your heart is full and blessed this weekend. There’s a reason for this season and I’ll give you a hint, it’s not about bunnies. 😉
XX – Haley Hoover, SMP Stylist – NYC
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Winterize Me, Baby

It’s still winter, in case you forgot. My southern girl roots have grown deep in the thought that February brings Valentines day AND light jackets! Such a thesis, coupled with the fact that I am employed by an industry that works 6 months ahead and you’ll find me in a real conundrum every morning at 7:30am when I need to be dressed – STAT.

The past two weeks have found me dashing out the door and booking it for my morning train. Progressively, it’s taken me longer and longer to get dressed in the morning because the outfits just. weren’t. coming. together. I realized that my casual winter wardrobe seriously lacks season (and temperature) appropriate substance. Read: I DON’T BUY WINTER CLOTHES. I hate the season and usually give my poor Amex some much needed rest during January, but I really need to woman up and winterize my looks. This means layering up things I own and maybe adding in a fresh piece or two. I’ll thank myself next year – Sorry Amex! (Who am I kidding? This type of admission is music to my creditor’s ears.)

For inspiration, I turned to Pinterest and the Blogosphere because this time of year, I think all of us north of the Mason Dixon could use some help shopping our closets. Southern chicks -y’all can still read this! I pride myself in reinventing the old to make something fresh, so here are my tips for winterized coolness. Mind you, I will be referencing this blog piece for the next few days as I’m sure a nor’easter is looming.

 One: Layer Your Maxi
Maxi Look

Inspo Pic via becauseimaddicted.com

 We die for the maxi in the summer, so why not in the winter? Add a chunky turtleneck overtop and let the flowiness do the talkin. Slip tights if it’s really nippy because, hey, 13 degrees is  real thing we’re all going to face. Don’t forget to add in saturated colors like wine (my personal fave) or navy!
Two: Office-Approved Party Dress
office layering

Inspo Pic via dresscorrilyn.com

Oh, that holiday dress you splurged on back in December? Yea, you’re wearing that to next Wednesday’s Annual Review. Pull out your trusty white button down you wear in the summer with cutoffs (and if you don’t have one – get thee to the JCrew!) and pop it under your sleeveless frock. Add a statement necklace and dark (wine, again) nails for a subdued, yet pull together look.

A note on winterizing dresses: shift and tunic dresses instantly transform when you pop leather pants underneath. Perfect for a day-to-night look!

Three: Go Hard for Layers


Inspo Pic via Manrepeller.com

To really get creative with my day-to-day ensembles, I turn to none other than my girl, Leandra Medine at Manrepeller to find all-out creative looks. Don’t be afraid to layer up pinstripe pants with a turtleneck (my no-fail-go-to for winterizing outfits), another bright sweater and yet one more denim jacket on top. Bonus Points for a bright clutch too.
Three tips, endless options. Keep going cold ones! And don’t forget to tag us in your social media world*  if we helped get you dressed with vigor again.
Here’s to more hot coco and turtlenecks for at the very least 6 more weeks.
– Haley
SMP Stylist
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Holiday #WANTList

It’s very fair to say we are now in Holiday crunch time. At this point, Secret Santa exchanges are about to go down. Christmas party partaking is in full swing. Oh and yeah, the big day is less than 2 weeks away. The hardest thing about crunch time is the shoppers-block. You know, the thing you get when you’re either in a sugar-cookie induced mental coma OR you’re so frazzled from fitting work and play and the rest of life’s activities in that you cannot figure out what to get your bestie….your mom….your hairdresser….your daughter. (To my mom: look alive, Annie!) 

A major part of my job as a stylist is to remove stress away from my client’s lives. So here I am, shopping for you and removing hopefully a little extra stress. I’ve got gift guides for the hot-footed traveler, the glam gal, your cuddly-bud, and for your girl that has stars in her eyes.

Best part? Everything shown is under $50 bucks. Get ready to win Secret Santa this year. You’re welcome.

A note on shopping our Polyvore Gift Guides – click on the small box below each guide to access the website link we shopped. If it says the item is sold out, don’t believe it – head onto the website anyway.
Scroll down the the bottom of the page for discount codes to three sites!
She's On The Go Gift Guide
  1.  Packable slippers because hotels can be sketchy and also just because these bad daddies zip up into their own, stinking, cutesy pouch! Kate Spade Saturday, $30
  2. A soft and light eye mask because again…sketchy hotels and also the adorable pouch thing. JCrew, $17
  3. Dance Party anyone? Best given to your friend that is a professional bridesmaid and needs to pump up the party at the drop of a hat. JCrew, $12
  4. A cool, edgy bangle that pairs well with her fit-bit OR her Rolex. & Other Stories, $22
  5. Any smart girl on the go knows the number one rule of life is HYDRATE! JCrew, $19
  6. How about a fill-in-your-own globe so she can mark off where she’s been and where she’s headed to next?! Anthropologie, $36 for Small
  7. Pocket sized moisturizers are TSA and SMP approved! & Other Stories, $8
  8. A girl who travels light needs items that pull double-duty, how about a saturated silk tank that can layer under a cardi for day and look sleek with a mini-skirt? Aritzia, $35
  1.  Because we hear the Midas Touch can tackle any table-top mess with ease. Anthropologie, $28
  2. You know what they say: buy new ornaments, but keep the old – the old one’s silver and the new one’s gold! JCrew, $16
  3. A little candle light gives every girl a golden glow! Kate Spade Saturday, $30
  4. She can play the trendy meets classic card with these reversible statement pearl earrings. Bauble Bar, $28
  5. Let her have her Taylor Swift moment with a red lip in a too-die-for gold tube. JCrew, $28
  6. All that gilded glory is literally dripping off her with this dainty bangle. & Other Stories, $28
  7. Maybe just one glass more? Crack another open with the most directive bottle-opener ever. Kate Spade Saturday, $25
Warm and Wooly Gift Guide
  1.  We recommend these for your city-dwelling friends. Let her put her feet up every. single. night with these. Just make sure she doesn’t leave the house in them! JCrew, $39
  2. Send a thousand warm wishes with Buffulo Plaid Stationary. CWonder, $18
  3. These tech-friendly beauties really go the extra mile..or should I say ELBOW mile? C Wonder, $58 –  share for 20% off + 30% site wide
  4. A girl wearing a sweater of a dog wearing a sweater?? Great warmth doesn’t sacrifice great cuteness. CWonder, $98 – share for 20% off + 30% site wide 
  5. Can you picture it now? Cute plaid shorts, cozy slippers and fire in the fireplace – hint: Give these on Christmas Eve!  JCrew, $37
  6. Her ears will never be freezing with the most luxe earmuffs I’ve ever seen. Anthropologie, $50
She's Seeing Stars Gift Guide
  1. Star cookie cutters for a STAR baker. Hopefully you’ll reap the benefits! JCrew, $8
  2. Don’t let her forget who she is with astrological phone case. Could also come in handy when star gazing. Kate Spade Saturday, $25
  3. For the fashionable Interstellar fan – rose gold orbiting chicness. Bauble Bar, $28
  4. Tiny studs make a huge impact for the girl with a pixie cut or in favor of the topknot. Etsy, $24
  5. Just because it’s a catch-all doesn’t mean it can’t be informative; educate her in astronomy with one starry tray. C Wonder, $34

Discount Heads Up – Get 30% off at JCrew with code GIVETHIS

Get 25% off at Kate Spade Saturday with code: RSVP

Get 30% off at C Wonder site wide

Happy Shopping everyone, tag us @stylemperfect with what you pick up to give out this holiday season!

xo – Haley

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V-Day the Boy’s Way

St. Valentine and his blessed holiday are here! With him he brings relationships, and once again, the challenge of picking out something that is exactly perfect for your valentine! Not to worry, though; I did a little digging, and found seven options that may make your last-minute cupid-quandry about five hours shorter, and three headaches easier.

v-day for your man

CB2 “Wes Anderson”
cb2.com – Any self-respecting quirky, artsy guy loves him some Wes Anderson. Give your man something that entertains and enlightens, and also has pictures of Owen Wilson with verrryy short hair.

J.Crew Medium-dot cotton socks
jcrew.com – A great gift for every girl’s FIRST valentine – DADDY! Novelty socks are the best gift to give – thoughtful, without being boring.

Beanie hat

americanapparel.net – No bones about it, this winter has been HARSH. I’ve never stocked up on outerwear more, why not gift him something festive with his best interest in mind? Plus, he’ll just look so stinking CUTE!

Knit Polkas
thetiebar.com – Polka dots for the win! This tie will look dapper against a white button down and grey or black suit, or how about underneath a camel colored cardigan? An updated twist on the classic-guy tie.

ASOS Plimsolls
asos.com – Wine is here to stay – and not just in your glass on Friday night! Burgundy isn’t going away, so why not pick up some trendy kicks for your Valentine?

Young the Giant
youngthegiant.com – Broody, manly, and lovely. This may be a gift that will benefit the both of you! Trust me, this album will be a V-day gift he won’t throw away next week.

J.Crew PLAY Comme des Garçons® V-neck sweater
jcrew.com – SPLURGE ALERT. These CDG pieces from the crew are not cheap, but goodness they are dripping with luxury and class. And now, he’ll finally wear his heart on his sleeve… er, chest.

Happy last-minute shopping, girls. This little list should do the trick, and if it doesn’t, just give him a kiss – he won’t need much to be pleased. Promise!

xoxo -Haley

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Christmas Cuddle Duds

‘Tis the weekend before Christmas…. so I put together some snuggly-cute options, appropriate for a few different scenarios on the Big Day next week!

Christmas Cuddle Duds

Christmas Cuddle Duds by style-me-perfect

Up at Dawn: Now, many of you, sweet readers, have lots of sugarplums that will be up before the sun next Wednesday, ready to see what Santa brought! If you are anything like my parents, you will have stayed up ’til 2am wrapping gifts, so looking pulled together for 6am gift-opening pictures won’t be the first thing on your mind. This is why I love the classic pj set. They always look adorable – there is a reason why Audrey Hepburn wore them in her old movies! Preppy and simple always does the trick. Put these cuddle duds on when you take your post-gift-wrapping-speed-nap, and be prepared to stay in them until it’s time to take the ham out of the oven! Slide-on slippers will keep your feet comfy-toasty, too.

Guest for the Day: Some of us girls may be traveling with a significant other, or a close friend, and might be meeting new family for the first time. Either that, or maybe pants just aren’t your thing? Get festive in a plaid sleep shirt for Christmas morn! They are sooo “The Night before Christmas,” and when you put on the fluffy bootie-slippers or socks, you’ll feel cozy and covered, without overheating. A lot of families gift each other pajamas on Christmas Eve, and now I get why. Who wants to open gifts and sip hot cocoa in last year’s soccer championship t-shirt? We only get a month to feel Christmas, and just one DAY to celebrate – live it up, snugglers!!

Home for the Holidays: Now, there are lucky ones, like us Hoovers, who will be holed up at home on Christmas. After a long, long work week, lounge clothes are just what the doctor ordered. What’s better than mix-and-match? Honey, as long as it’s jersey cotton for flannel, I’m good. If your home is of the icebox variety, go for the leggings and graphic print by Kensie. For the inferno home, such as mine, choose the shorts from the ever-faithful-pajama-making Victoria Secret. Seriously people, Vicky does not skimp on the cutest jammies! Note: If family is stopping by, make sure those shorts aren’t TOO cheeky.

That’s it folks! Being stylish even pertains to loungewear. Your favorite t-shirt is the softest one in your dresser, isn’t it? The holidays are about home and joy and new life and tradition. Here is my Christmas hope for you: that all is calm, all is bright, that you get to cuddle with those that you love dearly, and that you know that unto us a Child is born. For a moment, in pj’s or not, all is right in the world.

Cheers. I wish you a Merry Christmas!