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There’s Still Time: My 5 Last Minute Gift Picks

Just A Thought If Your List is Long
& Your Time Is Short

Team, it’s Thursday. And if you’re like me, all of your best laid plans for gifting the most elegant, thoughtfully-curated items to the people in your life have slipped out of your fingertips and into the steaming hot cup of coffee that’s teetering on the edge of your standing desk. This is very autobiographical right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, and I really love shopping (you know this), but every year, it seems like my stack of “To Dos” at work sneakily encroaches on those 2 hour windows I blocked off to slip away and pick up goodies for my mom/husband/brother-in-law. 

We’re five days from Christmas and at this point, maybe not even Amazon Prime can save you. Thankfully, there’s still time to leave your home and bop into some of our nation’s finest brick and mortars (as in my friends in Memphis can shop here as easy as my crew in NYC), so I thought I’d humbly share 5 things you can buy that don’t come from a Walgreens:

  1. Cool Shoes She’d Never Buy Herself 

Mules are still all the rage, and BLESS UP because baby kitten heels are too. Mom can wear these, but so can you, and so can your cousin who truly never learned how to wear heels but is here for the fashion and always cornering you for tips. 

LEVEL UP – Bonus points for wrapping the lid and base of the shoe box so your giftee experiences an ultra-chic, lift-of-the lid moment.

Shop at: Target

2. Headbands and Scrunchies

It’s a very Waldorf Christmas.

90’s hair paraphernalia is having a moment, say hi to fat headbands and scrunchies – GLORIOUS SCRUNCHIES! Buy them for the person in your life who watches endless Beauty Tutorials on YouTube or your mom who was a scrunchie OG and wants to revel in her glory days.

LEVEL UP – Get these for your sister and wrap them around a bottle of Veuve Cliquot because Bubbles and Scrunchies forever.

Shop at: J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, Madewell

3. The Gift of Sound and Lack Thereof

Listen Up, Or Don’t

Just bite the bullet and buy him those Beats. I promise, the look on his face when he unwraps them will make you forget the price. They’re also perfect for your dad who JUST wants to mow the lawn in peace or do whatever it is that he does on his iPad while your mom watches Ina Garten. JK – INA is for everyone

LEVEL UP – Pre-charge them so they are ready to rock as soon as he pulls them out of the box.

Shop at: Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart

4. An Invitation To the Teddy Bear Club

He’s Extra-Snuggly

Teddy Coats are continuing their momentum, but I’ve noticed that guys have been invited to join the club as well. Teddy pullovers are soft, cozy, and so trendy that you won’t care he’s wearing it on your date in two weeks. Cool guys can pair it with Nike 97’s and normal guys can slip it over their chinos and Vineyard Vines t-shirt. 

Shop At: Dick’s Sporting Goods, J.Crew

LEVEL UP – Get him the Nike 97’s too 😉

5. A Moment In The Future

The easiest way to buy something they’d never buy for themselves.

Honestly, I will never ever turn down a sweet little experience. Book me all the massages, blowouts, and mani-pedi appointments. And likely neither will your bestie with an infant, your work-wife or work-mom. I realize this gift is not quite universal because there are people out there, ahem, my mom, who do NOT like to be touched, so know thyself before you book. The great thing about this gift is the chance to invest into local business as well. You can call your local spot today and pop by in the next day or so to pick up a gift card. 

LEVEL UP – Commit to the experience, pick up a coordinating sweatsuit for your person to wear on their outing. 

Shop At: Local Salons, Wellness Centers, and Spas

The final thing I’d recommend is (speaking DIRECTLY to myself here) to give the present of being present wherever you are these next few days. Try super hard to not answer “Busy” when asked how you are and for the love, put the phone down.

If you’re feeling like Christmas snuck up on your, take a deep breath! There’s still time to shop and there’s plenty of time to soak in the season, even if you feel a little late to the party. 

xx – hh

PS – Stay tuned this week for another HHA post. Back 2 Back December posts because where did 2018 go?


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