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This Time Last Year – A NYFW Story

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is has come and gone once again and New York City is a-buzz and a-twitter (really) with the constant sightings of supermodels and super ensembles. It’s amazing feeling to sit in the crowd at a show at Lincoln Center, watch the lights fade and glow and see the tallest, slinkiest 19 year old pounce down the runway in a sheer jumpsuit or floor-length knit sweater dress or fitted off the shoulder cocktail dress. This is inspiration in real life, this is months of work and planning and coordinating and sourcing.

I wish we could all present a summation of the current state of our lives every six months – wouldn’t it look terrifying and amazing? Now that I’ve lived in New York for over a year, I like to measure things by “this time last year” scenarios. The swiftness of change in this city is amazing. This time last year, I was wandering Lincoln Center with my husband trying to figure out a way to get inside the wondrous “tents.” It was freezing – I wore my black pea coat and a green cotton scarf as a turban. I think it was snowing.

Flashforward 6 months and I’m back at the tents, Fashion Week passes in hand, marching proudly into Lincoln Center but feeling bewildered as soon as my feet pass the threshold.

Flashforward 6 months later and we’re here again, for the final fashion week in Lincoln Center. Instead of standby for every show, I have a handful of invites (standing tickets, but sometimes I get to sit if not enough people show up) and know the difference between the Salon and the Pavilion (the Pavilion is better, the Salon runway lights make the models look like ghosts).

I know it’s not the blogger way to be enamored with life or talk about how things are maybe a little different than what instagram portrays, but really, this gradual climb is so rewarding everytime a new milestone comes along. I can’t wait for these FW15 collections to hit stores in August and I can’t wait to see where we are this time next year.

2015-02-15NYFW (5 of 44)

2015-02-15NYFW (11 of 44)

2015-02-15NYFW (14 of 44)

2015-02-15NYFW (16 of 44)

2015-02-15NYFW (24 of 44)

2015-02-15NYFW (29 of 44)

2015-02-15NYFW (35 of 44)

2015-02-15NYFW (42 of 44)

That’s enough outdoor time for me. Stay warm, America.

– Haley

Wearing: Top – Kate Spade Saturday, Skirt – Kate Spade Saturday, Trench – Club Monaco, Tights – Nordstrom, Shoes – Vera Wang, Bag – Longchamp

All photography credits – Julia Hembree Photography


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