Cold Weather, Daytime Look, Real Talk


If you’re of a more chic descent or study, you’ll note that the title of this post is french for winter. Doesn’t everything sound better in french? I am not of chic descent or high-school study so I’m currently teaching myself french via an app on my phone. This week I’m learning seasons..which is actually metaphorical on so many levels.

Hiver is a strange time of year. Cold and grey; yet newness is looming. You sit around prepping and straining to see what lies ahead, sometimes with snow and cold wind burning your eyes. Other times you pull out your long lost sunglasses because that sun bouncing of the snow is blinding. Plans are made, then scrapped, only to be rescheduled for a warmer day.  Emails are sent, some met with quick replies and others fall silent. Fighting the urge to embrace mundane and wear the same jeans/sweater/boot combo is a struggle because at the moment, it’s the only reliability you have. Looking ahead can sometimes cause you to look past what’s happening here, now.

Currently, hiver looks a lot like the language I’m trying to learn. Graspable and definitely worth accomplishing, but still, it seems a daunting and unwieldily task. 2015 has looked so different from what I expected. I’ve found myself running home at the end of my day just trying to process, regroup and get ready for the next day ahead. Admittedly, I’ve been looking much further ahead – with the hope that next month will soon be tomorrow. Wishing life away – no bueno (throwback to the other language I DO semi-know). Living for today – beaucoup mieux (oh gosh, please let that be right).

2014-02-04SMP (9 of 45)

2014-02-04SMP (28 of 45)

2014-02-04SMP (23 of 45)

2014-02-04SMP (30 of 45)

2014-02-04SMP (33 of 45)

2014-02-04SMP (34 of 45)

Winter overwhelming you? I’m with ya. My best {fashion} advice is to ditch the standard look and try something new. Layer up like crazy, wear something weird and get outside. It’s motivating and exciting to change up your look, if even just for a day. See the world we’re living in today, while you wait for the new day coming tomorrow.



Wearing: Coat – old (cool option here), Shirt – Husbands (JCrew, similar), Turtleneck – JCrew, Maxi – JCrew (wait til spring, but get one here now), Sunnies – RayBan, Leggings – Uniqlo, Socks – Husbands (JCrew), Booties – Old (similar here)


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