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The Oscars 2015 – Best of the Boys

As Sunday night came to a close, so did award season. Now, while I do anticipate each award season for the work that many talented actors and creators have toiled long and hard over, fashion is of course my first love! As SMP’s local menswear enthusiast, I always get slated with the task of obsessing over reviewing the men. In general, I wasn’t incredibly crazy about the looks the golden ladies brought down the carpet, but the boys on the other hand, really did the Academy right.

I proudly present my Best and Worst Dressed Picks, accompanied by my Oscar Night Superlatives.

Let’s do the absolute best, absolute first:

Best Dressed: Eddie Redmayne in Alexander McQueen don’t know what’s more lovely, this gorgeous man and his overwhelming genuine spirit or this striking midnight-blue tux. Nailed it, right down to that navy blue timepiece peeking out from his cuff. Congrats on your well-deserved win, Eddie!

Best Double-Breasted: Chris Pine in Georgio Armani

Chris Pine has been an Armani man for a while now, a pairing that makes so much sense. He’s the rugged type who cleans up immaculately and probably drives a Porsche. It’s the stuff of secret agents and Hollywood actors! The double breasted suit is actually tricky to pull off – common mistakes include a too-long suit jacket or a jacket with a width that’s actually more reminiscent of a bathrobe. You did it, Chris! And by the looks of your scruff, do we detect a hint of silver fox creeping in? Bring it.

Trendiest Suit/Shoutout to Pantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala: David Oyelowo in Dolce & Gabbana

Major props to the incredibly sensitive and talented David Oyelowo. Not only did this man move us to re-realize the impact the Dr. Martin Luther King had on our nation and civil rights, but he moved us to work the color MARSALA into our wardrobe and to do so now! I loved this color on him and thought he look absolutely dapper. Plus, he was really the true gentleman here, wearing color so his wife could rock a stunning black gown.

Best Couple Award/Most Changed Man: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill


I barely even recognized Tim McGraw on the red carpet! For one, I had no idea he and his wife were going to be there, but being a southern girl myself, readily welcomed the sight of familiar faces. He kept his Lanvin black-tie look simple, but with some very chic details – satin bowtie and black buttons that stood out against that crisp tuxedo shirt. Back to basics is never bad. Tim looks lean and fit and so charming with his hair sweetly swept to the side. I’m proud to have grown up on his music. The always stunning Faith Hill  complimented her man effortlessly in her draped masterpiece by J. Mendel and a fresh pixie cut.  

And now, the sad part..

Worst Dressed: Jared Leto

I understand that Leto’s locks have garnered a cult following and yes, on most days his hair looks better than mine, but Jared had such high fashion expectations to meet this year and for me, just missed the mark. That pale-lavendar tux said, “I’m headed to a wedding wearing this as a joke” more than it said, “I am an Oscar winning actor”. Jared, just because you resemble Jesus doesn’t give you fashion immunity. Worst Dressed.

Great Fit/Worst Stance: Micheal Keaton in Ralph Lauren

The Birdman himself looked svelte and sleek in his Ralph Lauren tuxedo. Really, Mr. Lauren’s tuxes are the gold standard for black-tie affairs. I can’t knock Jack Frost Micheal Keaton on anything about his actual outfit, but really more for his stance. Why do you look like a Ken doll??

Most in Need of a “Tjuz”: Ansel Elgort in Prada

A navy suit gone wrong. To wear a navy suit, you have to be a confident sartorialist. Ansel is a darling little guy; designers and editors alike love putting him in fancy clothes. The problem is that he is most likely so used to having a team of people “fixing” him all the time that all the little details went askew.  When I saw this picture, I just wanted to step onto the carpet, grab his hand and pull him into the corner so I could straighten his jacket and kindly tell him to pull his pants up – the kid needed a “tjuz!” We see too-saggy pants and a hint of white button down at the bottom of his blazer. Rookie mistake, Ansel, but I’m sure you’ll be given another red-carpet shot.

And there you have it people, the best of the best and the best of the worst. Until next red-carpet season, I wish you all a very happy spring-suiting season.


Haley Hoover, SMP stylist

All photos are courtesy of


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