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R29 x Gucci

In 2019, my team brought the “World of Gucci” to life, leveraging just about every medium under the sun: digital & film photo, video, custom illustration, street casting.

We told the true stories of incredible women, ones with names and unforgettable faces, weaving in key Gucci products throughout, for a seamless life-meets-commerce experience.

R29 x Target

Target tasked us with increasing awareness and sales across Beauty, Swim, and Holiday.

Using diverse casting with real women (read: non-models), we put refreshingly relatable faces in the spotlight across interactive quiz and tutorial moments, garnering impressive ROI. Didn’t matter where you looked—site, social, email, YouTube—you couldn’t miss these bright pieces, pointing back to everyone’s favorite bullseye.

R29 x P&G

An exciting moment in hair history took place when we held the reins as P&G’s sole relaunch promoter of the iconic “My Black is Beautiful” hair care line.

Our launch plan included a NEW podcast featuring the ladies of @Unbothered, a salon-turned-therapy video, and custom-illustrated social hype.

So many stories, so little time. A few more of my favorites below.

All work shown done in collaboration with the teams at:

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