Consciously, Stylishly Coupling

My husband and I are way into day dates. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it has to do with working retail for a long time and frequently losing the middle part of the day to being stuck inside a boutique. Also, at night, I fall asleep. LIKE QUICK.  If I’m not asleep, I’m in front of the computer shopping for clients or blogging or setting up a Facebook post or…. you probably get it. Ryan, in his wisdom, has realized that he gets the best side of me midday, before exhaustion sets in, or I’m distracted by a long list of chores.

Recently, we grabbed brunch (!) with an old friend and loved the neighborhood we were in so much that it turned into a little blog-shoot. This season I continually reach for my leather pieces because they really pair up with anything, my options are limitless! When I’m out of town, I almost always bring a blazer along because, hello, instant outfit maker.

Ryan’s been obsessed with his dark denim jacket that he scored at a Levi’s OUTLET. Guys! You’ve gotta get one of these! He layers it under tweed overcoats and blazers or buttons it all the way up for a little dude matchy-matchiness. I love when our fall go-to’s collide for a very concious coupling. Sorry, Gwyneth, I’m staying with my man. He’s too well dressed to stay away.








In conclusion: go on a day date and buy a denim jacket and conquer your Friday.

xoxo – Haley  + Ryan

Haley is wearing: Blazer – J.Crew (Old Color, Same Style Here). Top – Old Navy (similar). Leggings – Nordstrom. Shoes – Nike. Necklace – Vanessa Mooney – (sold out).

Ryan is wearing: Jacket – Levis. Shirt – J.Crew. Jeans – Jack Spade. Shoes – Nike x Nordstrom Rack.


A Jumpsuit Story

Last week was miraculous in that I found a jumpsuit that works on my retro-inspired body. As my husband very lovingly tells me (no sarcasm here, seriously), I’m curvy. I have hips for sure. My waist is small and easily cinched up, so high waisted skirts and A-line skirts will always fit me with ease. Other items like shift dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits often prove to be unwearable. Here’s the worst thing ever: my mom likes to tell me I have child-bearing hips. Thanks Mom, but that actually isn’t helping me for a nanosecond. BUT FINALLY, I stumbled upon one that actually looked on me in reality as I dreamed it would in my mind. One of my many Golden Rules: try it on, because you never truly know!

Rachel Zoe is my career role model; she’s built an empire on good taste. This week, her new book Living In Style released, and she notes that every wardrobe should have a versatile jumpsuit, saying, “I slip on a one-piece and instantly feel casually elegant.” There you have it, ladies. Casual elegance. 

I love this jumpsuit because it does the office with ease, but I also see myself throwing on a straw fedora and some strappy flat sandals later on, when warm weather actually arrives for more than 2 hours here in the Northeast. (I don’t wanna sound bitter, but c’mon mother nature, share some love on America’s first born region.) Style Tip: navy is a great cross-over color for dressing up or down – why do you think we all love a dark denim? Navy pops agains vivid color, but can pair up with black in a snap – double duty jumpsuit to the rescue!!







Wearing:  Jumpsuit: Aritzia. Blazer: Banana Republic (old, try this). Necklace: Jewelmint.com (try this). Sunnies: Ray Ban (my signature style!). Shoes: Zara (similar). Clutch: Nordstrom (old, Anthro’s version).

Jumping for joy in my jumpsuit that rocks. Excuse me while I go be casually elegant.

xox – Haley


Winter Pick Me Up

It was officially an amazing day. My morning run was a little less One Girl Against the World and a little more Bond Girl Zig Zags Through Pedestrians. It was very inspiring and coincidentally, I shaved 30 seconds off my mile. What was the cause of my motivation? The golden mistress herself, El SUN graced my frozen city with her presence. We reached 65 stellar, fun-loving degrees today!

Thanks to this glorious sign of hope that the meanest, roughest winter will soon be over – I was more than ready to pull out one of my go-to winter pieces and wear it with my almost number one go-to summer piece.

Nothing brightens my day more than a little yellow sunshine on my wrists. Enter my Vince pullover – I love it because a) I won it by selling a ton of Vince product during my Nordstrom days b) it’s Vince so it’s instantly cool c) it just makes me happy. Yellow and gray were my wedding colors, so it’s all near and dear to my heart. During my (speedy) run this morning, I decided that jean shorts with tights were a must. This outfit is almost always casual, but it’s such a great way to transition into warmer months without bearing your pale, noodle legs prematurely. PLUS shorts just make me happy.

Style note: try dressing this look up with a wedge and a longer field jacket to get a little more foxiness and less girl-next-door-ness as seen here. Girl next door or not, it’s getting warmer and my best season is around the corner. I couldn’t wipe that grin off my face if I tried.

My challenge to all you sun-bunnies slowly de-frosting across the blogosphere – make your two seasons collide this week. xoxo – Haley

Wearing – Sweater: Vince (similar), Shorts: Old Navy (old! Try These), Tights: Nordstrom, Flats: Zara (want these), Bag: Zina Eva (similar), Necklace: JCrew, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Latte: McDonald’s – #classy



When Carrie J let us know we were doing crop tops on the blog, I almost died. I’m not a crop top person, as in, I always feel like that clothing genre is for that girl. You know, skinny as a board, “I’m wearing a crop top during New York Fashion Week even though it’s negative seven degrees out.” I was mad at those girls I saw running around Lincoln Square this past fashion week. I literally turned to my husband and said, “Those girls are going to get sick.” So I’m officially 45 and my mother. #hoorah

Anyways, I braved it. I found a cropper that works for me and a pant that is loose enough so any “extra” around my middle isn’t squeezed out exposed. Go flowy or go home.

In the meantime, I fell in LOVE with this blush hue! I have a pinky/red complexion anyway and I found that this pink is the way to go! Subtle, yet striking. I can only imagine how great this color would look on my blonde pals!

Everyone loves it when a girl blushes, don’t they?


Top: Aritzia. Bralette: Aritzia. Pants: Aritzia. Denim Jacket: Gap (old, try this!). Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Sunnies: UO. Bracelets: House of Harlow, Jcrew, Target, Lilly&Laura, Vintage.

Pictures are done, I’m gonna go eat me some carbs.

xoxo -Haley


Paige, Presidents & Pigeon

This was my best President’s Day to date. *Just me at the Met steps, with a pigeon. I got to sport some sweet new jeans – because my old zippered faves died (RIP JBrands)! That diva, the sun, made an appearance, too.

Museum Tip for Winter Weather: go with a puffer vest and a cashmere scarf; it may be a bit nippy on the walk from the train, but what a dream it is not having to lug around a wool coat at a crowded attraction!

*I have never documented a President’s Day before, so even though this was my best, it may as well have been first….



hello old friend.


metlook_0020 copy

metlook_0022 copy



Wearing: Hat: Nordstrom (similar). Shirts: J.Crew & F21 (similar). Vest: Gap-OLD (similar). Jeans: Paige (similar). Shoes: Zara (similar). Shades: Ray-Ban. Bag: Alexander Wang.



NYFW SS14 – Day 1

Honk if you love Fashion Week! If you recognized the hashtag above, you know what time it is.


Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future… this is known as Fashion Week

That little gem comes from everyone’s favorite blogger/writer, Carrie Bradshaw, a la Sex and the City. The girl’s got a point too, it’s time to look at what is new and fresh. And nothing is more fresh than spring fashion in September. Get excited, people.

Day 1 was yesterday and here is the rundown:

  • Richard Chai stole my heart with work and playwear:richard chai1richard chai2
  • Nicholas K had a tribal/indian theme working, that made me miss my Pocahontas infatuation. Colors of the wind? More like colors of the earth, the brown earth.

nick kh-623_w-360

  • Tadashi Shoji had gowns, gowns, gowns that were tasselled and fringy to the heart’s delight. The video was mad to watch, with all that fringe and flounce moving down the runway. It’s all in the fabric, y’all.tadashtadas1tadaashiAlso yesterday – BCBGMaxazria and YOU KNOW Max’s looks will be loveable.
  • Notable trends – #INDIAN, #GOWNS, #MENSWEAR

More later, lovelies.

– Haley Hoover


His & Hers – JCrew Style Sessions

In our house, the Crew is king. J.Crew, that is. Ryan and I bonded very early on in our relationship over our love of J.Crew’s clean-cut, quirky, mixed-up styling, and the brilliance of its monthly catalogue. J.Crew is hosting another one of its #stylesessions, so Ryan and I took our weekly, cut-throat-competitive Style-Off to the store, baby. Here’s the skinny on how this week’s Style-Off works: we each picked an outfit for ourselves, and each other. We will be posting our looks on Instagram later today for J.Crew, and want to know what you, sweet readers, think! Vote in the poll below on whose looks you like best!

photo 1

Haley’s Styled Looks: I went True Crew with the looks I chose for us. Preppy, playful, and cute! This is what I love the most about this brand; you can mix and match almost every piece, and it will always flow together. This look is very… us, circa early-to-mid 2011 & 2012. It’s dear to my heart, and an easy look to fall back into. Plus, those shoes are a dream heel-height and color for fall!

What’d you think Ry?
R: It’s a cute look. I don’t want to say that it’s cute, but it’s cute.
Anything else?
R: J.Crew always does a good job including what I like to call “personality pieces.” The horse sweater, and the strong-guy tie are perfect examples of how the brand allows their clients to wear their hearts on their sleeves (or around their necks).

photo 5

Ryan’s Styled Looks: I am on a black kick right now. I recently bought some black denim from J Brand, and a black, sporty jacket from Zara, and I can’t stop wearing them. That said, in this look, I mixed black with some earthy brown tones. It’s risky to mix the two colors, but with the right shades, it can look sophisticated, even when done casually. Haley is rocking a pair of leather piped leggings, but the cherry on top (literally), is the “Bailey for J.Crew” felt hat atop her noggin. This couple looks like they mean business; a look I hope we achieve some day, my dear.

What was your favorite thing about this look?
H: I mean, I’ve never met a hat I don’t like… and with my new hair, I think it’s phenom. I need a new topper for fall and this guy may need to make his way into my closet. I also need to wear more black; you’re cooler than me.
Who’s your daddy?
H: …..I’m not answering that.

If you’re reading this, thank you in advance. And please, vote in the poll below on whose looks you like the best! We really want to know! We included some extra photos and close-ups, to help you better decide…

Until next week,

Haley’s Styled Looks:

photo 2

Be sure to hit up a J.Crew #stylesession tomorrow!

photo 3

photo 4


Ryan’s Styled Looks:
photo 6 photo(2)photo 7


August Rush

Now, July is almost over. Even now I’m wiping a huge tear from my eyeball. However, there is still puh-lenty of summertime left. Only the kids have to go back to school, not us working girls! As far as I’m concerned, summer goes on until mid-September. I’m still wearing shorts and still eating ice cream. So THERE, it’s still summer.

Let’s do some word association. August – heat. Heat – sweat. Sweat – ew. Cool? – yes, please. Cool – Jen Aniston. I promise this is actually going somewhere!

When the thermometer in my car is 98 degrees plus, I want to feel cool and breezy. No one does easy and cool like Jen. She’s never met a khaki or tank top she didn’t like. There is nothing wrong with throwing on what you know, and certainly, this girl delivers. A simple top and bottom, combined with a killer watch and rugged belt, equals a gorgeous outfit à la Miss Aniston. The great thing about her style is that she does the boy-meets-girl look much different from the way J Crew does it. Jen rocks a womanly silhouette, with manly accessories, and J Crew puts a beautiful girl in a boyish silhouette, topped-off with a glitzy necklace. This, my dears, is why I love fashion. Similar concept + different approach = completely opposite results.

Let’s explore the Rachel, I mean Jen’s look:

jen aniston style
Welcome, class, to Aniston 101.

Here’s what you need to concoct an Aniston outfit.
  1. A luxurious tee. Her tees just lay right. It’s because they are woven from high-class cotton. It’s soft and thin and screams WEAR ME as soon as you touch it. I’m not saying spend fifty bucks on every tee-shirt you buy. Sometimes we all shop Old Navy. But perhaps a few piperlime specials like this one, are in order. Honorable mention in the tee category: Michael StarsT by Alexander Wang, and Splendid.
  2. A khaki/chino/linen bottom. This element is of two-fold importance: A. These fabrics breathe (no more sticky legs!) and B. They are, typically, the perfect marriage of structured, casual coolness. This is where you can play with quality. Gap makes a great summer pant, and Here She Is. BOOM.
  3. A minimal flat sandal, or rope inspired wedge. Natural colors only, please. No Kim K shoes here. I’ve also never seen her – voluntarily seen her – in a Louboutin. Nothing sky-high when she’s off the clock. So pressure’s off, girls.
  4. Just a few accessories: a very cool watch – possibly borrowed from a boy – and one or two pendant necklaces. If you layer, keep it to a minimum. No fuss, and no getting tangled up in yourself while you load groceries into your car in the Kroger parking lot. Maybe I’m just speaking from personal experience here.
  5. A heavy belt. This is probably one of my favorite elements of her style. Her belts are usually thick and have a big buckle. It’s like she was getting dressed, running out the door, and pulled the belt out of the belt loops of her boyfriend’s/fiance’s jeans laying on the bedroom floor. That’s truly effortless style, people. Don’t over think it, and use your resources. If your man goes beltless, so be it. Just point him in the direction of our men’s division in about two weeks.
There you have it. A summertime diva look that takes just a few minutes to put together. Yoga body not included. But nevertheless, I know all you darlings will look amazing.
Go get em, girls! I’ll be there for you.

A Letter To Boutiques

The following letters are mental ones that I wrote when shopping today. They are based on actual events.

Dear Small, Cute, Quaint Boutique,

Your place is darling; really it is so cute. I tried a few pieces on when I came in today! Your inventory looks good. It looks so good that I have questions; I want to know what you love in your store. I want to know what you think looks fabulous. The girls that you pay to run the store may be confused by what the purpose of a business is, though.

I think today when I came into your store, the girls thought that my jorts and summertime hair looked dumpy. I think they maybe thought it was fine to then disregard my presence in your store. It’s really too bad, because I wanted to buy a leather jacket and maybe some earrings. But these girls, while sitting on the floor in the middle of your boutique unpacking a shipment, didn’t seem too concerned about making money. It must have been the jorts, they really are too big. Coulda used a new pair, but alas, I don’t know where they were placed in your store. I probably won’t come back. You looked so good boutique, you looked so darn good.

Dear Other Small, Cute, Quaint Boutique,

Thanks for drying my boutique tears today. My eyes were clouded with jort-pandemonium and my need for a new dress for fall, and you dried them with a nice silk top from Joie. That top may now need dry-cleaning, but hey, so did I. Why did that girl at the first boutique sit on the floor (yes, THE FLOOR), while I struggled to look for Vanessa Mooney earrings? Was it my outfit? I smiled when I came in and said hello, so hopefully she doesn’t have a weird aversion to friendliness. I’m a pretty fashionable girl and laid back, so I really appreciated the way you and your coworker just hung out with me and my friends while we perused the racks.

Those girls that run your store know what’s up. They walked with me around your store and pointed out the tees that they are rocking all summer long. They showed me those earrings I was wanting so fast, without hesitation. No one even thought about sitting on the floor. There was no strike one, two, or three. There was only one, fashionable, homerun. Maybe I’m in retail love?

Congrats, other boutique; you have my heart & therefore, you have my wallet.

Kind regards,