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Weekend Warrior

My week days start at 6:30 am with a 3 mile run (only if I’m really on it, 7:20am and no run, if I’m not) and they end at 12:30am with me putting the finishing touches on a blog or a tweet or a post or something that requires brain power that I usually don’t possess at that hour. I fully work full time. Day to day outfits are skirts and dresses and heels and intentional outfits – attempts to subliminally make people respect me and think “hey, she should probably style our next campaign.” But the weekend is when the magic happens.

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Weekend warrior. That’s what I am. Rather, that’s what my new summer obsession called THESE OVERALLS are. Only recently have I started experiencing this thing called “weekends” and, glory be, those two days off in a row are life changing. Saturday and Sunday lay open before me and my closet. So here I am, with two days of adventurous, city-life bliss up for grabs and this denim hero. You better believe I am wearing them TO EVERYTHING. Beach trip – over my bikini. Day at park – make it french, opt for a Breton striped shirt. Concert in Brooklyn – racer back tank and platform sandals. Fourth of July Weekend in Connecticut – still not sure, but will report back about this on Monday. I think my husband is a little over the ‘alls, but I honestly can’t stop. I feel younger and cuter, I feel patriotic, I feel gutsier, I feel this weird mix of nostalgia and the pride you get when your outfit is actually ‘on-trend.’

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I guess if I had an Independence Day wish for you, I would wish that you find what I’ve found. Whether it’s overalls, a vintage army-green jacket, or a sundress that just won’t quit, I hope you stop thinking about what you need in your wardrobe so much and just buy what makes you feel happy. Make my July 4th wish come true (please, sorry mom) – shop these pieces I’m loving and experience the Overall Attitude life change. Be the weekend warrior you’ve always dreamed you can be. And then let that bleed over to Monday.  Deal? Deal.


Hoping God blesses you, your closet & our lovely country this weekend.

Happy 4th ya’ll.

– H

Key Pieces // Overalls – Forever21  | Top – JCrew | Watch – Skagen

Fabulous images by Julia Hembree

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My Own Beat

Navigation in this city can be tricky. Do you know that I’ve actually used my compass app on my phone to get around? MY COMPASS. I have pulled a freaking Lewis and Clark and navigated myself using the moon’s gravitational pull. So many times I’ve thought I was headed South when I was actually headed North, only to find myself lost, stuck in the middle of traffic with only my music and a ridiculously sad sense of direction. The wide-eyed “what’s happening now” scenario constantly bleeds over into my personal and professional journey as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought I was walking into “my moment” only to find out I stumbled into a dead end or more commonly, a detour.

Of course, missteps and misnavigations shouldn’t be cast in such a poor light because, really,  those are the teaching moments. How glorious it is when I find myself lost somewhere in Manhattan and can realize that I have, in fact, been in this spot before.  Those are the moments I relish because I can stick my head up, pulled the earbud out of my ear, scan for a cross street and walk confidently in the right direction. Sometimes I arrive late to my destination, other times I make it right on time. Rarely am I early because sadly, I’m just not an early-arriver to anything. My best friend makes up for that for the two of us.

What I’m getting at is that you have to figure it out for yourself, which -EUREKA!- I guess is what being in your 20s is about. I’m sorting out my personal style (downtown chic, if that’s a thing) and finding out what it is exactly that I want to do with my life and my time here in this crazy-wonderful, butt-kicking city.  I’m getting there ya’ll. This kid is getting there. I’m finding my own beat and it’s honestly so sweet.*








Weather’s warming up y’all. I’m ready to ditch this vest and soak in the sun. All photos by the amazing Julia Hembree.

Until Next Time,

Haley Hoover, SMP Stylist

Wearing: Vest – Intermix (old, spring version here) | Jacket – Banana Republic (old, similar) | Shirt – Billy Reid | Denim – Paige | Shoes – Nine West (old, similar) | Bag – Zina Eva | Headphones – Beats by Dre | Rings – Topshop | Sunnies – Borrowed (similar)

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Easter Cravings: What To Buy

Easter is upon us and some may even argue the same thing for spring!* The change of season, promise of renewed life, and even a warm, albeit brief, breeze is all the motivation us shopaholics need to pick up some refresher pieces for our closets.

It’s a holiday weekend so that may mean several or all of the following things: 1) a half day of work, 2) the arrival of parents or friends into town, 3) a lazy Saturday afternoon at the mall or Fifth Ave and 4) a Sunday morning at church followed by a big old ham cooked by Grandma. Before you suit up and eat up, I’m going to show you the Easter Cravings of which you need to stock up.

*Those of us in New York City seem to be living in a perpetual snow globe. I’m moving back to Nashville if I see so much as a flurry this weekend.

Easter Cravings

1. Sunday Best rand dress Aritzia
Why: Nothing makes you feel sweeter than a classic cut in femme florals. Bonus Points: There are super sassy cutouts in the back of this frock.

2. Silk Boatneck Tee
Why: Lavender sings spring and looks flattering with all skin types.           Bonus Points: Can be styled with the season’s IT-pants (the culotte, shown here) or with skinny jeans, a wrap-around skirt, or worn underneath a sheath dress. Hello, Springtime Warrior Tee.

3. J Crew j crew jewelry
Why: Is your Caribbean cruise still a few months away? Channel the island with these chunky statement earrings. Pull your hair into a low pony and let these guys steal the show!
Bonus Points: Plays for both teams!Dress up a tee-shirt or de-business a button down.

4. Edu Culotte
Why: Skinny pants be gone! Wide legs and shortened hems are on every style editor’s list. I hope you’ve done your ankle workouts because it’s time to show em’ off!
Bonus Points: For wearing a fitted top with these voluminous bottoms to keep yourself from getting lost in billows.

5. BP infinity scarf
Why: Layers are still here, just in a lighter set. Wear cropped jeans, a muscle tank and a jean jacket and finish it all off with this lavender cherry on top. This is your Easter Saturday Shopping look.
Bonus Points: Pair this scarf with a lavender top (see above) and rock the ever illusive, “oh I just threw this on” monochromatic look.

6. Nail polish
Why: Childhood memories are sweet aren’t they? Even if you’re not dip-dying eggs this year you can still relive your early Easter years with this pastel shade.
Bonus Points: Match your nails to your handbag – this is a thing, again! (See below)

7. Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody – Mini MAC

Why: I’m a longtime fan of this popular crossbody. It’s tiny, but punchy and will hold the necessities for a leisurely Spring day. This creamy mint color is so yummy!
Bonus Points: Channel T-Swift; wear with an all-white ensemble for a sweet and chic look!

8. Jessica Simpson ‘Caela’ Platform Sandal (Women)
Why: Two Words: Sandal. Season! Put your boots under the bed and take these vibrant stilettos for a spin! Wear with wide leg culottes like the ones shown here or with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans.
Bonus Points: Wear these sandals with printed socks to keep everyone guessing! (Just make sure the socks are clean and not dingy, please.)

9. Floral Sandals
Why: Last season’s Birkenstocks are making a victory lap and the price on this pair is perfect!
Bonus Points: Wear with a super feminine, flippy skirt to keep from looking too campy.
My work here is done, now get to shopping! Happy Easter everyone! We hope your heart is full and blessed this weekend. There’s a reason for this season and I’ll give you a hint, it’s not about bunnies. 😉
XX – Haley Hoover, SMP Stylist – NYC
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Flared Up

Ready your ankles because there’s about ta be a whole lotta room in the region below your calf and above your foot. That’s right, wide-leg, flared, and trouser jeans are staking a claim for legitimacy this season. The ol’ skinny jean + heel look is a trusty standby but now the fashion gods are asking us to branch out – way out.

A few years ago the bell bottom sweep through a spring season, but the effect was short lived – much like the spring-like loveliness I experienced on Tuesday, but now it’s Friday and snowing even as I type. Suffice to say, SNOW is becoming a four letter word. While cold precipitation is out, roomier denim is most definitely in. So pull out your trusty bells (like I did) or get thee to an Intermix to pick up the latest cut. I like my flair denim to act as polished alternative to actual trousers, but the styling potential is limitless. Take it the opposite direction and hem these suckers to be worn only with Rainbow flip flops and a crop top – I hear that music festival calling..

I call the following look St. Patrick’s Day meets Menswear meets Janis Joplin – that’s a thing, right?









All photos taken by the talented Julia Hembree – she’s doing big things in the NYC photo world!

Love you all way  more than snow,

Haley Hoover, SMP Stylist – New York

Wearing: Blazer – H&M (old, similar), Top – Rag&Bone (sold out, similar), Jeans – JBrand, Shoes – Nine West (old, LOVE THESE), Hat – Nordstrom Rack (similar, cooler option), Rings – Topshop, Necklace – Vintage, Sunnies – Borrowed from Propmaster Julia Hembree (similar here), Bag – Zina Eva, Earrings: Gifted!

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Simple, the Second Time Around

Last week was a frenzy, but this week is a bit more predictable, so I’m pleased to present my “simple” look with the rest of the class, properly. Fashion Week is upon us, and it was quite an honor to attend Fashion’s Night of Prayer, hosted by Models for Christ. Ryan and I stopped by before heading to dinner at the Time Warner afterwards. Any night not spent on the couch watching The West Wing on Netflix, is an excuse to dress-up for me! My simple look seems involved, but with a flowy top and flouncy skirt it was everything but that.

Simple outfits require very little layers, and become ultra-chic with just a statement or two, max. My tights broke-up all the black with a little pattern and play on opacity, and the swingy top became a canvas, upon which my statement necklace could reside. Nothing fussy, yet nothing short of fabulous.





IMG_4761Oh, and of course, this Dapper Dan was with me as well.


We are Wearing:

Haley – Top: Tildon (similar here). Skirt: T by Alexander Wang (similar here). Bag: Alexander Wang (I know, I know, AGAIN, but I can’t stop carrying him around!). Shoes: Brian Atwood (similar here). Tights: Nordstrom Rack (similar here). Necklace: Anthropologie (similar here).

Ryan – This is literally ALL J.Crew. SuitShirtTieTie BarPocket Square. #addict

We’re all prayed-up, and ready for fashion week! It’s as simple as that.

xoxo – Haley + Ryan