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HHA Fashion Bracket: The Ultimate Prize

Is it just me or is it boring in here? Imagine my heartbreak as I turned on the red carpet coverage on Sunday night and…nothing. I am so sorry Hollywood, but you guys phoned it in this year. So many of the gowns just seemed uninspired, drab, or dated. I’m sorely disappointed, but then again, not every year can be 2014 aka The Year of Lupita.

I am, however, very pleased to relay that I have crowned my fashion bracket winners and as an added bonus, I’m including a lightning round Best and Worst Dressed list from The Academy Awards, because a little glitz-meets-snark never killed anyone.

First order of business: our winners. The HiHaleyannie Fashion Bracket Best Dressed Awards go to:


final bracket

My most sincere and envious congratulations to you three. Admittedly, I didn’t expect to give this award to a couple, but the Redmayne’s really brought it this year and there was simply no denying their power-couple prowess. Like any longtime actor finally relishing her red carpet run, Brie Larson took risks with her gowns, but goodness, she stood out. We didn’t have Lupita this year, but I certainly enjoyed The Year of Larson.

Eddie Redmayne + Hannah Bagshawe

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.44.06 PM

Is there anything better than a couple in McQueen? Not this year! Even though Eddie mentioned that he was “sweating” in his velvet tux, it was worth a little dehydration. His perfectly cut suit made him look 7 feet tall with ease. Meanwhile, Hannah rocked out her “maternity gown” with a stunning halter neck covered in jagged gold. Power couples, take note: Black Is Back!

Brie Larson

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.44.30 PM

Brie Larson in Gucci

Upon my first glance, I thought the tasteful, traditional fit of this A-Line gown was too easy to be so good. But a second look sold me. This striking blue gown cinched with a show-stopper belt, reigning in layers of textured, expertly-draped pleats, made this up and coming starlet shine brighter than the rest. Remember when JLaw showed up to her first Oscars a few years ago in the fitted, red Calvin Klein dress and everyone was all, “Who’s THAT?” This is that moment, all over again, for Brie Larson.

With our winners happily basking in the glow of our approval (#Millenials), let’s take a look at who gave them a run for their money in a lightning fast round of BEST DRESSED!

Olivia Wilde – Most Current

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.46.32 PM

In a phrase: WOAH. Like, yes. Pleats and chokers FTW.

Daisy Ridley – Best in Chanel

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.47.18 PM

Daisy Ridley in Chanel Haute Couture and Christian Louboutin

In a phrase: Perfectly executed hemline. A tad old for her, nothing a slick-backed bun can’t fix.

Charlize Theron – MOST MOST

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.45.19 PM

Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture

In a phrase: Okay ladies, let’s get in formation. Couture by Charlize.

Saoirse Ronan – Best Entrance

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.44.17 PM

Saoirse Ronan in Calvin Klein

In a phrase: “I may be new here, but I totally know what’s up.”

And real, real quick, can we gently discuss these brave souls who were, as they say in sports, a swing and a miss? WORST DRESSED

Jared Leto – Worst Miss

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.46.24 PM

Jared Leto in Gucci

In a phrase: PUFF

Sarah Silverman – Worst Fit

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.46.12 PM

Sarah Silverman in Zac Posen

In a phrase: Spray tans don’t fix everything.

Alicia Vikander – Weirdest Choice

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.46.47 PM

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton

In a phrase: Melted butter popcorn.

Ahh, doesn’t that sass feel good? And with that, let’s kiss goodbye this award season! Thanks for following along. Next week, I’ll recap Fashion Month, so get your notebooks out—you’re gonna want to write this stuff down. 😉

Cheers y’all,


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Award Show, Night Out, Recap

It’s Heating Up

The 2016 SAG awards have come and gone leaving nothing but some great memories, a few forgotten sequins, and, of course, updates to the HiHaleyannie Fashion Bracket! For such a subdued award ceremony—seriously, compared to the Golden Globes, the SAG awards are like a child’s birthday party, so thankful and G-rated—the stars really brought laid it out on the red carpet.  There were a few twists this round, but in all honesty, I was quite pleased with the results. Take a look at the standings:

full bracket 2

Our final two for the ladies are:

Alicia Vikander

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.40.43 PM

Photo Cred:

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t want her to win and I didn’t want her to be a frontrunner. I wanted her out the first round. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of her “films”, but Alicia’s red carpet run with Louis Vuitton has been too good to ignore. She did kick off the season at the Critics Choice Awards in Mary Katrantzou’s striking beaded gown, and now, this LV shift throws us for a loop. At first glance, it’s an unassuming number, but turn to the side and BOOM, that sky-high slit gives the perfect amount of leg. *Insert Leg Up On The Competition Joke Here*

Brie Larson

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.42.44 PM

Photo Cred:

As previously mentioned, sometimes the red carpet is inconsistent. Where was JLaw at the SAGs? I had her slated to win, but then she has the nerve to NOT SHOW UP to the SAGs?? Did she not consider my bracket?! The great news is that Brie Larson very much DID show up, and very much DID slay in this grecian Atelier Versace gown that loops, dips, and drapes in all the right places. Shout out to JLaw for tagging BLar back into the bracket. I may just grant you a pass card back into the bracket if you show at the Oscars. We’ll talk later.

And our final two for the men:

Eddie Redmayne (& Hannah Bagshawe)

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.42.17 PM.png

Photo Cred:

Eddie wore his Dior tux like it was his first, last, and only tux. He stunned. But really, his expectant wife, Hannah, was super clutch. It’s been said many times that behind every great man is an even greater woman. But in Eddie’s case, she’s right next to him, and she’s wearing high-impact, floor-length sequins.

Ryan Gosling


Photo Cred:

I hate to say that Ryan Gosling has this in the bag, but like, he’s got this in the bag. The Gos is so confident in his looks that he doesn’t feel the need to rock the red carpet these days. Cheer up, shy guy, we’re all still staring at you in that Gucci midnight blue suit anyway.

Clearly, this isn’t over yet. Literally, it’s not because The Academy Awards are not until February 28th. Happy Valentine’s Day y’all, I’ll wrap this up in March!




Award Show, Night Out, Nighttime Look, Recap

A V. Involved Fashion Bracket

Queue up the DVR, because we are in the middle of award show season, babies! As someone who loves the satisfaction of checking experiences of a list scrawled in the back of their planner, I kind of, totally live for award season. Every winter, society simply GIVES us a dozen movies we should probably see so that we can have a relevant and exciting conversation about Leonardo DiCaprio in the checkout line at lunch. 

But the real reason I love award season is, DUH/OF COURSE, the fashion.  So much money, thought, work, and planning goes into the outfits of the stars that I feel we really owe it to the “teams” of the stars (if not the stars themselves) to pay attention. But doesn’t that whole best dressed/worst dressed scenario feel a little played out? I mean, fashion police feels a little tired, am I right? Not gonna lie, my super snarky alter-ego comes alive when assessing this category so in effort to be kind and carry on, I’ve come up with a new idea:


Ladies and Gentlemen (and let’s be honest, I mostly mean ladies), here are your contenders:


Top Row (L to R): Rachel McAdams, Alicia Vikander, Bryce Dallas Howard, Abigail Spencer, Brie Larson, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Moore | Bottom Row (L to R): Oscar Isaac, Ryan Gosling/Brad Pitt, Jacob Tremblay, Orlando Bloom, Eddie Redmayne, Matt Damon (with wife), Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Statham (with RHW)


This year, I’m matching up some of the shiniest and most dazzling movie and TV stars to determine who really is the most fabulous of them all. We’re about halfway through the season so I’ve already pulled my favorites from The Golden Globes and The Critics Choice Awards. On Saturday, we have the SAG awards and then the mothership, The Academy Awards, brings our sports-meets-fashion-face-off to a head on February 28th.

full bracket

Note: An Inordinate Amount of Time Was Spent on This

A few things to note:

  • This is entirely subjective and hinges on my own editorial eye and personal preferences.
  • I am still sorting out the rules of this as I go. Let’s just say, if Rachel McAdams doesn’t show up at the SAG awards, I’ll figure out a replacement player. Sports teams have subs, so we can too.
  • Feel free to follow along. If you are really a fan, you can pull this bracket image off into a word doc, print the doc, and show your work-mates. They’re really gonna get into it. I think. I promise.
  • Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt are currently a co-team of their own because apparently they are now too major to walk the Step and Repeat.
  • Bonus points if you share, like, or tweet about this program. Sharing is caring.

Happy DVR-ing everyone, don’t start without me. I’ve got the popcorn.

– Haley


Photos c/o: and

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Half Past Midnight

Tomorrow night, like it or not, we will all be ringing in the year twenty fifteen. Some find the prospect of another year daunting, or exhausting, but I’m one of the ones who finds the prospect relieving. Fresh page, fresh start, new goals to set and eyes hopeful with the promise of spring. (At this point I’m officially OVER winter because without Christmas it’s just not a cute look.)

Last night, we had a bit of a New Year’s Eve Dry Run with great friends in Memphis, TN. My best friend suggested that we “suit up” and look our absolute best. I, of course, was more than game. Quick recommendation rundown if you ever find yourself in downtown Memphis: dinner at The Majestic Theatre where you can take in old black and white movies over steak and Prosecco, then wander to the famous Peabody Hotel for hot cocoa or what have you, and then hit BB Kings on Beale to take in honest-to-goodness soulful jazz and dancing. Then go home and stay up until 4am for no reason.*

*This part is optional, but very recommended.

With the encouragement of very good friends under my belt and a very new year looming ahead, I feel ready. I know what I need to do in 2015 and I’m ready to tackle it with relish. My secret to keeping motivation? Do everything in a fabulous pair of shoes. The only thing I’ll be worrying about at half past midnight is how much longer we’ll dance and if there are cabs to be had.  I don’t care if you’re staying home on Wednesday night or ringing in 2015 with Ryan Seacrest himself – just do it in your favorite dress, red lipstick and a very open heart.






Happy New Beginnings to you, darlings. Auld Lang Syne and all that jazz. Keep your eyes up and your heart full and I promise, there’s no possible way to go wrong.


Haley Hoover, SMP Stylist

Wearing: Jacket – Ralph Lauren (sold out, similar), Dress – H&M (old, similar), Belt – Vintage (love this), Tights – Nordstrom Rack, Shoes – Brian Atwood (old, similar), Handbag – Longchamp x Bloomingdale’s

Night Out, Sporty

Sunday Brunch Read: Knicks v. Nets

Holidays in the big city are the best because FRIENDS COME TO TOWN!

The past few weeks have been amazing as three, count em, THREE sets of friends have been to visit, which means we get to play little tour guides and visit places that we don’t normally visit. Yes, it’s true, it’s easy to get disenchanted with the Big Apple or any other place you dwell.

One of Ryan’s best buddies came to town and luckily, this best buddy is married to one of MY best buddies so it was two days of LAUGHTER and ADVENTURE. We picked them up on Tuesday evening and headed straight to Madison Square Garden to watch the New York Knicks play the Brooklyn Nets and film a little bit for the Radio City Rockette’s Spring Spectacular.* As a Brooklyn newbie (we moved to the hipster burough in August) I felt it was only fitting to pull together an outfit that would support my team but would look just as cool as Beyonce does when she sits court side.

It’s not holiday-inspired, but girrrrl, I felt festive when the Nets scored that final point to win the game!

* this part was unplanned

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 11.18.32 AM










Happy Sunday and Welcome to Holiday Party Week! Carrie and myself and the rest of the girls are here to help you get dressed best and enjoy all the festivity, rather than stress out about it. Keep us bookmarked for holiday inspiration and gift guides and head over to our homepage to purchase a styling package for yourself or, since it’s the season of giving, for someone you love.

XO and Ho Ho Ho

– Haley

Wearing: Brooklyn T Shirt – Aritzia (Sold Out, Similar), Hoodie – Stole from Husband! JCrew, Blazer – Banana Republic (Old, Similar), Jeans – Joe Fresh (OBSESSED!), Heels – Joe Fresh, Hat – Zara

Boys, Night Out, NYFW, Spring/Summer

Simple, the Second Time Around

Last week was a frenzy, but this week is a bit more predictable, so I’m pleased to present my “simple” look with the rest of the class, properly. Fashion Week is upon us, and it was quite an honor to attend Fashion’s Night of Prayer, hosted by Models for Christ. Ryan and I stopped by before heading to dinner at the Time Warner afterwards. Any night not spent on the couch watching The West Wing on Netflix, is an excuse to dress-up for me! My simple look seems involved, but with a flowy top and flouncy skirt it was everything but that.

Simple outfits require very little layers, and become ultra-chic with just a statement or two, max. My tights broke-up all the black with a little pattern and play on opacity, and the swingy top became a canvas, upon which my statement necklace could reside. Nothing fussy, yet nothing short of fabulous.





IMG_4761Oh, and of course, this Dapper Dan was with me as well.


We are Wearing:

Haley – Top: Tildon (similar here). Skirt: T by Alexander Wang (similar here). Bag: Alexander Wang (I know, I know, AGAIN, but I can’t stop carrying him around!). Shoes: Brian Atwood (similar here). Tights: Nordstrom Rack (similar here). Necklace: Anthropologie (similar here).

Ryan – This is literally ALL J.Crew. SuitShirtTieTie BarPocket Square. #addict

We’re all prayed-up, and ready for fashion week! It’s as simple as that.

xoxo – Haley + Ryan