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Holiday #WANTList

It’s very fair to say we are now in Holiday crunch time. At this point, Secret Santa exchanges are about to go down. Christmas party partaking is in full swing. Oh and yeah, the big day is less than 2 weeks away. The hardest thing about crunch time is the shoppers-block. You know, the thing you get when you’re either in a sugar-cookie induced mental coma OR you’re so frazzled from fitting work and play and the rest of life’s activities in that you cannot figure out what to get your bestie….your mom….your hairdresser….your daughter. (To my mom: look alive, Annie!) 

A major part of my job as a stylist is to remove stress away from my client’s lives. So here I am, shopping for you and removing hopefully a little extra stress. I’ve got gift guides for the hot-footed traveler, the glam gal, your cuddly-bud, and for your girl that has stars in her eyes.

Best part? Everything shown is under $50 bucks. Get ready to win Secret Santa this year. You’re welcome.

A note on shopping our Polyvore Gift Guides – click on the small box below each guide to access the website link we shopped. If it says the item is sold out, don’t believe it – head onto the website anyway.
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She's On The Go Gift Guide
  1.  Packable slippers because hotels can be sketchy and also just because these bad daddies zip up into their own, stinking, cutesy pouch! Kate Spade Saturday, $30
  2. A soft and light eye mask because again…sketchy hotels and also the adorable pouch thing. JCrew, $17
  3. Dance Party anyone? Best given to your friend that is a professional bridesmaid and needs to pump up the party at the drop of a hat. JCrew, $12
  4. A cool, edgy bangle that pairs well with her fit-bit OR her Rolex. & Other Stories, $22
  5. Any smart girl on the go knows the number one rule of life is HYDRATE! JCrew, $19
  6. How about a fill-in-your-own globe so she can mark off where she’s been and where she’s headed to next?! Anthropologie, $36 for Small
  7. Pocket sized moisturizers are TSA and SMP approved! & Other Stories, $8
  8. A girl who travels light needs items that pull double-duty, how about a saturated silk tank that can layer under a cardi for day and look sleek with a mini-skirt? Aritzia, $35
  1.  Because we hear the Midas Touch can tackle any table-top mess with ease. Anthropologie, $28
  2. You know what they say: buy new ornaments, but keep the old – the old one’s silver and the new one’s gold! JCrew, $16
  3. A little candle light gives every girl a golden glow! Kate Spade Saturday, $30
  4. She can play the trendy meets classic card with these reversible statement pearl earrings. Bauble Bar, $28
  5. Let her have her Taylor Swift moment with a red lip in a too-die-for gold tube. JCrew, $28
  6. All that gilded glory is literally dripping off her with this dainty bangle. & Other Stories, $28
  7. Maybe just one glass more? Crack another open with the most directive bottle-opener ever. Kate Spade Saturday, $25
Warm and Wooly Gift Guide
  1.  We recommend these for your city-dwelling friends. Let her put her feet up every. single. night with these. Just make sure she doesn’t leave the house in them! JCrew, $39
  2. Send a thousand warm wishes with Buffulo Plaid Stationary. CWonder, $18
  3. These tech-friendly beauties really go the extra mile..or should I say ELBOW mile? C Wonder, $58 –  share for 20% off + 30% site wide
  4. A girl wearing a sweater of a dog wearing a sweater?? Great warmth doesn’t sacrifice great cuteness. CWonder, $98 – share for 20% off + 30% site wide 
  5. Can you picture it now? Cute plaid shorts, cozy slippers and fire in the fireplace – hint: Give these on Christmas Eve!  JCrew, $37
  6. Her ears will never be freezing with the most luxe earmuffs I’ve ever seen. Anthropologie, $50
She's Seeing Stars Gift Guide
  1. Star cookie cutters for a STAR baker. Hopefully you’ll reap the benefits! JCrew, $8
  2. Don’t let her forget who she is with astrological phone case. Could also come in handy when star gazing. Kate Spade Saturday, $25
  3. For the fashionable Interstellar fan – rose gold orbiting chicness. Bauble Bar, $28
  4. Tiny studs make a huge impact for the girl with a pixie cut or in favor of the topknot. Etsy, $24
  5. Just because it’s a catch-all doesn’t mean it can’t be informative; educate her in astronomy with one starry tray. C Wonder, $34

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Happy Shopping everyone, tag us @stylemperfect with what you pick up to give out this holiday season!

xo – Haley

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On Friendsgiving & Sneaky Dressy Looks

If you are in your 20’s and living in a city that is not your hometown, there is a very good chance that you will be participating in a Friends-giving celebration. Due to the fact that we are still bound to the constrains of a iron-clad, total black out date work schedule, Ryan and I will be staying in the city and celebrating the coming together of two cultures with non other than our fabulous Aussie friends. How fitting! This year, I’ll be feebly trying my hand at stuffing from scratch and perfecting my mother’s amazing apple pie recipe. We will jam into the sweetest Nolita apartment with a half dozen other displaced city-folk and be warm and cozy with our friend-amily.

I’m thrilled.

I’m thrilled because this means we are settling in; settling into this city, into our marriage, and into some sort of life-rhythmn. Of course, we’ll miss our parents and siblings – nothing can replace those memories. But this season, I’m OKAY to not hold my mom’s hand as I navigate through yet more unmarked territory. This season, I’m HAPPY to cook and be a do-er and have a hand in the famed meal. Mostly, I’m thankful because Friends-giving means you’ve found your people and it means you have friends. We’ve been blessed to find quality, smart, ambitious, humble, and Jesus-loving people in a city that is so vast and huge and wild.

So here’s what I’m wearing.

I think I’ve mapped it out right this year – black tee and fancy sweats with a chic heel and blazer combo means you make a lovely entrance at noon…but at the end of the night you’re just wearing sweats. Let the feasting begin!




Blazer – H&M. Vest – Intermix (sold out, similar). Tee – JCrew. Sweats – Current/Elliot. Shoes – Vera Wang x Kohls. Bag – Alexander Wang. Necklace – J.Crew (similar). Earrings – Ellen Hayes x Mamselle Boutique.

Here’s to a stylish, metamorphic year in the big city or small town or where ever you are. Here’s to family and health and friends-givings. I am thankful for this blog and for the joy of fashion and getting women dressed for a living. I am thankful to chase a dream, even if my chasings seem fruitless at the end of some days. I am thankful to work beside a smart and talented team of wardrobe and beauty stylists and big-picture visualizers. I’m thankful for this one life and the chance to give it all I got and receive all the millions of things it has to give.

Cheers to you and all your pals,

Haley + Ryan Hoover

SMP Stylist + Marketing Manager

Need outfit ideas, or help with your wardrobe? Get Haley, or one of our stylists to style some looks for you directly from your closet, or have her personally shop some new looks for you – in-person, or completely online. We can get you all set-up right here – no appointments necessary. Select the option that’s right for you, and let the styling begin!

Fall/Winter, Nighttime Look

Karl Lagerfeld

Somehow I didn’t realize that I’m addicted to black and white? How does someone not know this? I was so excited to share with everyone this amazingly chic dress from Kate Spade, but quickly faced a quandry of outerwear. My go-to wool vest will no longer cut it because it’s  POLAR VORTEX up in here, ya’ll.

**Sigh,**there’s so many phrases in life I never wanted to have as a regular in my vocabulary. Polar Vortex is very high on that list of phrases. Cold or not, we were shooting this dress, dangit. The fact that my winter outerwear purchase for the season was, well, sleeveless posed a major point of contention for me. Shell out a chunk of change that I can only wear when it’s fifty-five and above? Not about that game, no sir. But then I remembered: L A Y E R S. I’ve layered leather jackets, shearlings, sweaters, blazers, you name it under this thing.

When I actually got bundled up and glanced in the mirror to do a final once-over, I realized I shrouded in a blinding white and black pieces. Shocking. White is the anti-thesis to New York City, but somehow White + Black makes sense. With my black and white and leather jackets and gloves and a HUGE bow at my neck, I turned to my husband and said, “I’m actually having a Karl Lagerfeld moment.” Genius!

Here is a picture of Karl, for reference:

Photo Cred: Vogue.co.uk






Learning new things about myself all the time. I think that’s what your twenties are for: mapping out grey areas and sorting black from white.

xo – Haley

Wearing: Dress – Kate Spade, Leather Jacket – Ralph Lauren (old, similar here), Vest – Intermix (sold out, try this), Gloves – Moschino (love these), Tights – Forever 21, Shoes – Zara (old, love the color of these!), Sunnies – Ray Ban

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NYFW: Fall 2014 Recap (part 2)

I’m back with yet another incredibly short and mildly inclusive list of what beautiful things went down the runways for Fall 2014 Fashion Week, here in New York City. I only jest about my coverage because there is a reason a team of magazine editors get paid to review next season’s looks: it’s a full-time job! There are countless shows, spread across multiple venues in the city, and they all seem to take place at the same time. Also, don’t forget that it’s freezing up here in the polar vortex, which adds a whole other element of cumbersome to the mix.

So much to see, so much to obsess over. Let me show you four of many, many shows I chose to cover:



I am trying to familiarize myself more with avant-garde designers as of late. Rodarte is usually a line I steer clear of because, typically, I just don’t get it. Fall 2014 was actually a bit more comprehendible for me, though. Two things made me very excited: bright, unexpected color combos, and long, full-leg trouser suits. Calling all Power Players of the female variety: your wardrobe has arrived, and it looks FIERCE.

Marc by Marc Jacobs


My go-to for all things fashion and Fashion Week! I’ve always been a MBMJ fan. Correction: I’ve always been infatuated with the Marc by Marc brand. Up until lately, I always felt like the line hit my style square on the head! Here’s what we can say about Fall 2014: IT WAS WEIRD. Talk about avant-garde! I could barely make out what some of the models were wearing, between the voluminous fits, the incredibly busy prints (not shown, I couldn’t do it), and the fiery, stringy braids. I can’t say I don’t love it, because I’ll always love this line, and part of why I like the line is because it can be unexpected. The sad thing about MBMJ this time around is that I couldn’t find pieces on the runway that I was dying to run to Nordstrom and pick up. I figured they probably over-styled the runway looks for the show to make a big-POW!statement, but I actually got the chance to go to the Marc showroom yesterday to view the new collection, and it was still pretty dang weird, and hard to style. Oh, well…

Jenny Packhamjennypackham

YES, HONEY! Now, this is a line that is easy to fall head-over-heels. Jenny designs the most beautiful, effervescent gowns! I cannot get enough! Next holiday season, I’ll be looking for a pair of silk, wine-colored trousers, or a v-neck sweater to wear with a feathery skirt. STUNNING and full of light – ladies if you have to dress-up in any part of the near, or far, future, take a cue from Jenny Packham, because she knows what’s up.

Oscar de la Renta

oscardelarentsI know that Oscar is not an American designer, but I classify him as one in my mind because that is the woman he loves to dress. Menswear inspired suiting, but with a feminine peplum on top. Long overcoats, topping velvety surplus dresses. It’s all too perfect. And DON’T get me started on those gowns! My absolute favorite is the one featured on the far right: velvet meets pink! Oh, it’s genius. If those Hollywood types are smart, they’ll call Mr. De La Renta today, and snag one of those gems for the Oscars. So what if it’s last-minute, these pieces are worth the risk!

Again, all images are taken from Style.com. If you like what you’ve seen here, head over there and check out the myriad of shows that took place this last week. Take fifteen minutes, and flip through two shows – you’ll walk away feeling inspired by what’s to come!

Happy Sunday, and happy browsing!

– Haley

Fall/Winter, NYFW

NYFW Fall/Winter 2014: Recap Part 1


I cannot describe the magic that is fashion week in New York. There’s an amazing buzz, and people running around in cray-cray outfits, texting in tutus at Starbucks. Not kidding. I even saw Anna Wintour herself yesterday in SoHo. SEE? Fashion week is magic. It’s honestly been better than Christmas, and I say that in all seriousness.

I just wanted to give a very brief recap of what I’ve loved so far. There have been close to a hundred shows, but I just picked three brands that resonate with me and made Fall 2014 look divine!

Jenni Kayne

I love a Jenni. Jenny Packham, Jenni Kayne, Jenny from the Block, Aniston… you name it! Jenni Kayne consistently creates lovely, forward looks that are feminine and cool. Feminine and cool is my game, so of course I love her. She was inspired by the English countryside this season, and I’m down to go there, if I get to wear that orange and navy gown!



I love Tibi, because it’s always very clean, and very cool. This season is no different. I’m going to start wearing one long scarf, crossed only once, like the models on the tibs runway.


Alexander Wang

Basically, The Man. I saved the best for last. Alexander is not only fronting his line, but is also the creative director for Balenciaga, and is killing it on all counts. He’s so cool. He even presented his show last night in Brooklyn, which, coincidentally, is where all the hipster-cool kids live in New York. Fall from Wang looks edgy and androgynous. High collars, short dresses, and KILLER boots. Give it allll to me. OH, and you know what’s coming back to us in all their glory? (TREND ALERT) Bermuda Shorts. They’re in the windows here in the city, and going down the runways everywhere else. Full thigh coverage, baby.

awangfallOh, and there’s more where that came from. All my images came from Style.com – I recommend heading over there to peruse through these designers’ entire shows!

I’ll have another recap in a day, or so. Marc by Marc shows are on Tuesday, and lordy, he’s my fave!! I’m heading to the tents today at Lincoln Center – we’ll see what I can see….

Is it fall, yet?

xo -Haley

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NYFW Fall/Winter 2014: Men’s Recap

As most of New York and all the world are prepping for Fashion Week as we know it, the men of the town have already walked down dimly lit runways with flashing lights behind them. From what I saw of Menswear for Fashion Week, it was as if Kanyeezy himself designed the sets  – what with flashing lights, and runways with codes scattered all over them via a projector. Also, from what I saw, I can tell you that the male persuasion will look good when the cold weather sets in, again (that is, of course, after it finally goes away!).

I covered just a few of the menswear shows – mostly my go-to boy brands, which is not to be confused with boy-bands (N*Sync, duh).

Rag and Bone

For two years in a row now, I’ve gifted my husband a Rag and Bone piece for Christmas. I cannot resist the line’s stand out textures and manly nonchalance.

ragbonemensHead’s up guys; from the looks of it, all of you will need a leather jacket this fall. Rag and Bone also sent ladies down the runway clad in menswear pieces, because those boy clothes are just too cool to pass up. Nubby cable-knits against short-sleeved bowling shirts make me think of times past and also wonder, “Can we just go ahead and make this collection available now?”

3.1 Phillip Lim

The theme of Lim’s line this season was, “Go West Young Man!” – as noted by wide collars, long shearlings, and less-subtle sweatshirts with horses screen printed on the torso.

Untitled-1My preference? The button-down shirt geometrically broken up with different patterns. Every guy is going to hate them, but mark my words, they’ll own a similar look in no less than two years. Fall looks bright for Lim, which is always a good sign, because guys are just getting comfortable with color – so let’s not scare them away. Next challenge: getting any conservative male into those patterned pants. Trust me; a pattern bottom you will also own within the next 24 months.

Ralph Lauren – Purple Label

After recently touring Ralph Lauren’s massive Madison Avenue store and learning more about the product, I have a whole new respect for this Americana line. There are very good reasons why RL has withstood the test of time.

rlpurplelabelFrom extreme debonair to preppy casual, this season put the man in menswear! I can’t decide which look I love most – that all black ensemble is incredibly downtown, while that three-piece patterned suit makes uptown look incredibly inviting.

Saint Laurent

By far my favorite show! Hedi Slimane is a bit of a savant, and this season I finally saw his genius. Two words: excellent topcoat.


Photo credit for all photos in this post: style.com

Jackets for everyone – take your pick, even though the decision is terribly difficult. Suede or studded, again, you’re gonna go for the leather next fall guys. Rock and roll is dressing up, but is anything but stuffy. Even the hardest of headbangers can’t resist the swagger of these looks. PS. Ever wondered what Hedi Slimane looks like? Basically, all of the show’s models can answer that question; I think 23 dead-ringers walked the show.

I highly, highly recommend going to style.com to check out the Saint Laurent show, it was exciting, and enlightening to see all the different facets of a gentlemen. I even gave you the link – all you need to know about what next fall looks like is a simple click.

Daydreaming for autumn/any month that’s warmer,


Cold Weather, Fall/Winter

Are you Fur real?

smart lady

smart lady.

Winter’s wrath up here in the northerly parts of the country is actually quite devastatingly real. The worst part about being in the cold in a city is that you actually have to spend an ungodly a significant amount of time in it. Those blogger pics you see from last week, wearing an open coat? Yea, those are lies. Those girls ran outside and snapped pics and then hustled back inside to slip into leggings, Hunter boots, and a down puffer. Believe me, I’ve seen the bloggers taking pictures on the street and they don’t stay in those outfits all day. If they do, their daddies have money and they live a charmed life. I have found one glam option to be bundled up AND look chic in: FUR. It’s so darn controversial, but oh so needed for those of us that have the REAL ELEMENTS to deal with. Currently, I have access to a gorgeous full length fur that is my mother’s. I wore it on my wedding day.

Get it, Olly Po!

Get it, Olly Po!

I often pine for it as I pass those saucy old ladies leaving Bloomingdales wearing fur coats with hats and gloves to match. NYC dips back into the 1950’s somehow and I’m not sure why/how. But the matching gloves and hats and furs are alllll up on the streets here on the Upper East Side. I also have a great cropped jacket that mostly resides on the back of the chair by my vanity table. He makes a nice seat cushion, but is actually starting to come in quite handily since the temperature took a nosedive.

Fur Myth: Furs are only for dressy occassions. FALSE. You can wear your fur much like you wear a leather or denim jacket during the daytime. Just dress it down! I very much adore the distressed jean and fur combo – shown here on Olivia Polermo (Olly-Po – as I like to call her).

Simple shades and a small bag are all you really need here.

I like how some girls dress their fur down even more, by layering knit sweatshirts underneath and keeping it tough in a great laceless loafer. It’s almost as if this young lady replaced her tendy Patagonia fleece with a fur. I’d say that ups the ante a little, wouldn’t you!? If this is what college girls are wearing now, I wanna go back.


Here is my furry attempt to dress down my cropped faux fur jacket. Normally, I reserve this guy outdoor winter weddings and nighttime events. Easy skinnies, faithful knit cap, and my trusy black booties. Done and done, and unbelievably warm, I might add.

So faux, but so good.

So faux, but so good.

OH the weather outside is frightful, but this fur is soooo delightful. Stay warm, hope you can get cozy with the people you adore sometime soon.