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My Own Beat

Navigation in this city can be tricky. Do you know that I’ve actually used my compass app on my phone to get around? MY COMPASS. I have pulled a freaking Lewis and Clark and navigated myself using the moon’s gravitational pull. So many times I’ve thought I was headed South when I was actually headed North, only to find myself lost, stuck in the middle of traffic with only my music and a ridiculously sad sense of direction. The wide-eyed “what’s happening now” scenario constantly bleeds over into my personal and professional journey as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought I was walking into “my moment” only to find out I stumbled into a dead end or more commonly, a detour.

Of course, missteps and misnavigations shouldn’t be cast in such a poor light because, really,  those are the teaching moments. How glorious it is when I find myself lost somewhere in Manhattan and can realize that I have, in fact, been in this spot before.  Those are the moments I relish because I can stick my head up, pulled the earbud out of my ear, scan for a cross street and walk confidently in the right direction. Sometimes I arrive late to my destination, other times I make it right on time. Rarely am I early because sadly, I’m just not an early-arriver to anything. My best friend makes up for that for the two of us.

What I’m getting at is that you have to figure it out for yourself, which -EUREKA!- I guess is what being in your 20s is about. I’m sorting out my personal style (downtown chic, if that’s a thing) and finding out what it is exactly that I want to do with my life and my time here in this crazy-wonderful, butt-kicking city.  I’m getting there ya’ll. This kid is getting there. I’m finding my own beat and it’s honestly so sweet.*








Weather’s warming up y’all. I’m ready to ditch this vest and soak in the sun. All photos by the amazing Julia Hembree.

Until Next Time,

Haley Hoover, SMP Stylist

Wearing: Vest – Intermix (old, spring version here) | Jacket – Banana Republic (old, similar) | Shirt – Billy Reid | Denim – Paige | Shoes – Nine West (old, similar) | Bag – Zina Eva | Headphones – Beats by Dre | Rings – Topshop | Sunnies – Borrowed (similar)

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Flared Up

Ready your ankles because there’s about ta be a whole lotta room in the region below your calf and above your foot. That’s right, wide-leg, flared, and trouser jeans are staking a claim for legitimacy this season. The ol’ skinny jean + heel look is a trusty standby but now the fashion gods are asking us to branch out – way out.

A few years ago the bell bottom sweep through a spring season, but the effect was short lived – much like the spring-like loveliness I experienced on Tuesday, but now it’s Friday and snowing even as I type. Suffice to say, SNOW is becoming a four letter word. While cold precipitation is out, roomier denim is most definitely in. So pull out your trusty bells (like I did) or get thee to an Intermix to pick up the latest cut. I like my flair denim to act as polished alternative to actual trousers, but the styling potential is limitless. Take it the opposite direction and hem these suckers to be worn only with Rainbow flip flops and a crop top – I hear that music festival calling..

I call the following look St. Patrick’s Day meets Menswear meets Janis Joplin – that’s a thing, right?









All photos taken by the talented Julia Hembree – she’s doing big things in the NYC photo world!

Love you all way  more than snow,

Haley Hoover, SMP Stylist – New York

Wearing: Blazer – H&M (old, similar), Top – Rag&Bone (sold out, similar), Jeans – JBrand, Shoes – Nine West (old, LOVE THESE), Hat – Nordstrom Rack (similar, cooler option), Rings – Topshop, Necklace – Vintage, Sunnies – Borrowed from Propmaster Julia Hembree (similar here), Bag – Zina Eva, Earrings: Gifted!

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This Time Last Year – A NYFW Story

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is has come and gone once again and New York City is a-buzz and a-twitter (really) with the constant sightings of supermodels and super ensembles. It’s amazing feeling to sit in the crowd at a show at Lincoln Center, watch the lights fade and glow and see the tallest, slinkiest 19 year old pounce down the runway in a sheer jumpsuit or floor-length knit sweater dress or fitted off the shoulder cocktail dress. This is inspiration in real life, this is months of work and planning and coordinating and sourcing.

I wish we could all present a summation of the current state of our lives every six months – wouldn’t it look terrifying and amazing? Now that I’ve lived in New York for over a year, I like to measure things by “this time last year” scenarios. The swiftness of change in this city is amazing. This time last year, I was wandering Lincoln Center with my husband trying to figure out a way to get inside the wondrous “tents.” It was freezing – I wore my black pea coat and a green cotton scarf as a turban. I think it was snowing.

Flashforward 6 months and I’m back at the tents, Fashion Week passes in hand, marching proudly into Lincoln Center but feeling bewildered as soon as my feet pass the threshold.

Flashforward 6 months later and we’re here again, for the final fashion week in Lincoln Center. Instead of standby for every show, I have a handful of invites (standing tickets, but sometimes I get to sit if not enough people show up) and know the difference between the Salon and the Pavilion (the Pavilion is better, the Salon runway lights make the models look like ghosts).

I know it’s not the blogger way to be enamored with life or talk about how things are maybe a little different than what instagram portrays, but really, this gradual climb is so rewarding everytime a new milestone comes along. I can’t wait for these FW15 collections to hit stores in August and I can’t wait to see where we are this time next year.

2015-02-15NYFW (5 of 44)

2015-02-15NYFW (11 of 44)

2015-02-15NYFW (14 of 44)

2015-02-15NYFW (16 of 44)

2015-02-15NYFW (24 of 44)

2015-02-15NYFW (29 of 44)

2015-02-15NYFW (35 of 44)

2015-02-15NYFW (42 of 44)

That’s enough outdoor time for me. Stay warm, America.

– Haley

Wearing: Top – Kate Spade Saturday, Skirt – Kate Spade Saturday, Trench – Club Monaco, Tights – Nordstrom, Shoes – Vera Wang, Bag – Longchamp

All photography credits – Julia Hembree Photography

Cold Weather, Daytime Look, Real Talk


If you’re of a more chic descent or study, you’ll note that the title of this post is french for winter. Doesn’t everything sound better in french? I am not of chic descent or high-school study so I’m currently teaching myself french via an app on my phone. This week I’m learning seasons..which is actually metaphorical on so many levels.

Hiver is a strange time of year. Cold and grey; yet newness is looming. You sit around prepping and straining to see what lies ahead, sometimes with snow and cold wind burning your eyes. Other times you pull out your long lost sunglasses because that sun bouncing of the snow is blinding. Plans are made, then scrapped, only to be rescheduled for a warmer day.  Emails are sent, some met with quick replies and others fall silent. Fighting the urge to embrace mundane and wear the same jeans/sweater/boot combo is a struggle because at the moment, it’s the only reliability you have. Looking ahead can sometimes cause you to look past what’s happening here, now.

Currently, hiver looks a lot like the language I’m trying to learn. Graspable and definitely worth accomplishing, but still, it seems a daunting and unwieldily task. 2015 has looked so different from what I expected. I’ve found myself running home at the end of my day just trying to process, regroup and get ready for the next day ahead. Admittedly, I’ve been looking much further ahead – with the hope that next month will soon be tomorrow. Wishing life away – no bueno (throwback to the other language I DO semi-know). Living for today – beaucoup mieux (oh gosh, please let that be right).

2014-02-04SMP (9 of 45)

2014-02-04SMP (28 of 45)

2014-02-04SMP (23 of 45)

2014-02-04SMP (30 of 45)

2014-02-04SMP (33 of 45)

2014-02-04SMP (34 of 45)

Winter overwhelming you? I’m with ya. My best {fashion} advice is to ditch the standard look and try something new. Layer up like crazy, wear something weird and get outside. It’s motivating and exciting to change up your look, if even just for a day. See the world we’re living in today, while you wait for the new day coming tomorrow.



Wearing: Coat – old (cool option here), Shirt – Husbands (JCrew, similar), Turtleneck – JCrew, Maxi – JCrew (wait til spring, but get one here now), Sunnies – RayBan, Leggings – Uniqlo, Socks – Husbands (JCrew), Booties – Old (similar here)

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On Friendsgiving & Sneaky Dressy Looks

If you are in your 20’s and living in a city that is not your hometown, there is a very good chance that you will be participating in a Friends-giving celebration. Due to the fact that we are still bound to the constrains of a iron-clad, total black out date work schedule, Ryan and I will be staying in the city and celebrating the coming together of two cultures with non other than our fabulous Aussie friends. How fitting! This year, I’ll be feebly trying my hand at stuffing from scratch and perfecting my mother’s amazing apple pie recipe. We will jam into the sweetest Nolita apartment with a half dozen other displaced city-folk and be warm and cozy with our friend-amily.

I’m thrilled.

I’m thrilled because this means we are settling in; settling into this city, into our marriage, and into some sort of life-rhythmn. Of course, we’ll miss our parents and siblings – nothing can replace those memories. But this season, I’m OKAY to not hold my mom’s hand as I navigate through yet more unmarked territory. This season, I’m HAPPY to cook and be a do-er and have a hand in the famed meal. Mostly, I’m thankful because Friends-giving means you’ve found your people and it means you have friends. We’ve been blessed to find quality, smart, ambitious, humble, and Jesus-loving people in a city that is so vast and huge and wild.

So here’s what I’m wearing.

I think I’ve mapped it out right this year – black tee and fancy sweats with a chic heel and blazer combo means you make a lovely entrance at noon…but at the end of the night you’re just wearing sweats. Let the feasting begin!




Blazer – H&M. Vest – Intermix (sold out, similar). Tee – JCrew. Sweats – Current/Elliot. Shoes – Vera Wang x Kohls. Bag – Alexander Wang. Necklace – J.Crew (similar). Earrings – Ellen Hayes x Mamselle Boutique.

Here’s to a stylish, metamorphic year in the big city or small town or where ever you are. Here’s to family and health and friends-givings. I am thankful for this blog and for the joy of fashion and getting women dressed for a living. I am thankful to chase a dream, even if my chasings seem fruitless at the end of some days. I am thankful to work beside a smart and talented team of wardrobe and beauty stylists and big-picture visualizers. I’m thankful for this one life and the chance to give it all I got and receive all the millions of things it has to give.

Cheers to you and all your pals,

Haley + Ryan Hoover

SMP Stylist + Marketing Manager

Need outfit ideas, or help with your wardrobe? Get Haley, or one of our stylists to style some looks for you directly from your closet, or have her personally shop some new looks for you – in-person, or completely online. We can get you all set-up right here – no appointments necessary. Select the option that’s right for you, and let the styling begin!

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Oversized Coat: Part (H)oover


I’ve never been more attached to layers than this winter. I am a summer girl at heart; shorts and breezy tanks is where I prefer to reside. Currently, I, like most of the country, reside in the #polarvortex where the wind practically contains ice chips. Fingers turn blue in the blink of a wind-burned, tearing eye. A big ol’ layer-able coat is exactly what the weather man ordered! I’m obsessed with my shearling, oversized lapel; it’s so cozy, and blocks chilly gusts. Plus, it’s lean enough to fold up under my winter parka. Layers, on layers, on layers, folks.

Meanwhile, don’t you think the guys should get in on this trendy-meets-classic cloak option? Ryan shows us how guys can pull off a longer coat, when a suit and tie are not required. Keywords: great topcoat and layers.



My kicks add a kick of color, don’t you think?

IMG_4553IMG_4583IMG_4585I’m wearing:

Shearling: Nordstrom Rack (similar). Top (not seen, oh no!): Loft. Hat: Vintage. Pants: Rag & Bone. Sneakers: Nike. Bag: Alexander Wang. Gloves: Moschino (similar).

Ryan is wearing:

Topcoat: J.Crew. Hat: Nordstrom Rack (similar). Pocket Square: J.Crew. Field Jacket: Banana Republic (similar). Jeans: J Brand. Boots: Redwing. Gloves: Nordstrom Rack (similar).

Shopping note: don’t be fooled by the prices in the links. Half of this stuff comes from Nordstrom Rack (oh my gosh…. the deals).

Lose yourself…. in an oversized coat.

– H + R

Daytime Look

Snappy Casual

Life transitions typically call for wardrobe transitions. Has anyone else noticed this? For me, it’s always revolved around where I currently was employed. In college, I accumulated a lot of pencil skirts and work wear, as I was one of those dorky campus tour guides leading prospective students and families around my college grounds. I had this one outfit that featured a grey skirt from Ann Taylor, a white button down, a wide blue belt with a big-ol gold buckle, and some sweet, pink, patent heels from Kohls (my mom’s, & every mom’s dream store). It was perfectly profesh, and I felt like a baller. I think it’s what the dean of students at my university was referring to when she told us to dress, “snappy causal.”

When I interned alongside Carrie Morgan in Nashville for a summer, I wore a lot of sandals and day dresses from Urban Outfitters. The thinking was “look as cute as possible,” had to impress my boss! Additionally, it was hot as sin all summer so airy-ness was a definite need in my wardrobe. So much cotton, yet still so much sweat. WHY? WHY!? Why is perspiration a curse in my life?

Currently, I have a much more casual post at work. Although I’m in management, we move so fast that flats and denim is the usual call to duty. The funny twist in this story is before we moved to New York, I was itching to wear denim to work (a no-no) and now it’s really the only thing I fish out of my closet. Got what I wanted in spades. Plus side: I’m having a great time re-learning layering, and figuring out how to make a jeans-and-whatever outfit look so much more than…. whatever. The secret, I’m finding, is how you handle the sweater. Build up, under, and around! Screen tee under a cardigan, poppy button down under a pull-over, or get really wild, and wear a scarf, and SECOND cardigan over a pullover. Sweaters on sweaters on sweaters.

I’ve had hits some days, other days, judging by my husband’s eyebrow raise, possibly a miss. Weather it’s a silk top, old tee, or newly purchased topper piece – I’m down to keep trying something new. And we thought I didn’t like change….




nov13_0121I’m Wearing:

Hat: Nordstrom Juniors (similar here). Sunnies: Ray-Ban. Shirt: Nordstrom Juniors (similar here). Sweater: Vince. Necklace: Gorjana (similar here). Jeans: Hudson. Boots: Riding Boots! (similar here).

Post an Instagram of your #sweaterlook – I want to get inspired!!

– Haley