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Winterize Me, Baby

It’s still winter, in case you forgot. My southern girl roots have grown deep in the thought that February brings Valentines day AND light jackets! Such a thesis, coupled with the fact that I am employed by an industry that works 6 months ahead and you’ll find me in a real conundrum every morning at 7:30am when I need to be dressed – STAT.

The past two weeks have found me dashing out the door and booking it for my morning train. Progressively, it’s taken me longer and longer to get dressed in the morning because the outfits just. weren’t. coming. together. I realized that my casual winter wardrobe seriously lacks season (and temperature) appropriate substance. Read: I DON’T BUY WINTER CLOTHES. I hate the season and usually give my poor Amex some much needed rest during January, but I really need to woman up and winterize my looks. This means layering up things I own and maybe adding in a fresh piece or two. I’ll thank myself next year – Sorry Amex! (Who am I kidding? This type of admission is music to my creditor’s ears.)

For inspiration, I turned to Pinterest and the Blogosphere because this time of year, I think all of us north of the Mason Dixon could use some help shopping our closets. Southern chicks -y’all can still read this! I pride myself in reinventing the old to make something fresh, so here are my tips for winterized coolness. Mind you, I will be referencing this blog piece for the next few days as I’m sure a nor’easter is looming.

 One: Layer Your Maxi
Maxi Look

Inspo Pic via

 We die for the maxi in the summer, so why not in the winter? Add a chunky turtleneck overtop and let the flowiness do the talkin. Slip tights if it’s really nippy because, hey, 13 degrees is  real thing we’re all going to face. Don’t forget to add in saturated colors like wine (my personal fave) or navy!
Two: Office-Approved Party Dress
office layering

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Oh, that holiday dress you splurged on back in December? Yea, you’re wearing that to next Wednesday’s Annual Review. Pull out your trusty white button down you wear in the summer with cutoffs (and if you don’t have one – get thee to the JCrew!) and pop it under your sleeveless frock. Add a statement necklace and dark (wine, again) nails for a subdued, yet pull together look.

A note on winterizing dresses: shift and tunic dresses instantly transform when you pop leather pants underneath. Perfect for a day-to-night look!

Three: Go Hard for Layers


Inspo Pic via

To really get creative with my day-to-day ensembles, I turn to none other than my girl, Leandra Medine at Manrepeller to find all-out creative looks. Don’t be afraid to layer up pinstripe pants with a turtleneck (my no-fail-go-to for winterizing outfits), another bright sweater and yet one more denim jacket on top. Bonus Points for a bright clutch too.
Three tips, endless options. Keep going cold ones! And don’t forget to tag us in your social media world*  if we helped get you dressed with vigor again.
Here’s to more hot coco and turtlenecks for at the very least 6 more weeks.
– Haley
SMP Stylist
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