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Holiday #WANTList

It’s very fair to say we are now in Holiday crunch time. At this point, Secret Santa exchanges are about to go down. Christmas party partaking is in full swing. Oh and yeah, the big day is less than 2 weeks away. The hardest thing about crunch time is the shoppers-block. You know, the thing you get when you’re either in a sugar-cookie induced mental coma OR you’re so frazzled from fitting work and play and the rest of life’s activities in that you cannot figure out what to get your bestie….your mom….your hairdresser….your daughter. (To my mom: look alive, Annie!) 

A major part of my job as a stylist is to remove stress away from my client’s lives. So here I am, shopping for you and removing hopefully a little extra stress. I’ve got gift guides for the hot-footed traveler, the glam gal, your cuddly-bud, and for your girl that has stars in her eyes.

Best part? Everything shown is under $50 bucks. Get ready to win Secret Santa this year. You’re welcome.

A note on shopping our Polyvore Gift Guides – click on the small box below each guide to access the website link we shopped. If it says the item is sold out, don’t believe it – head onto the website anyway.
Scroll down the the bottom of the page for discount codes to three sites!
She's On The Go Gift Guide
  1.  Packable slippers because hotels can be sketchy and also just because these bad daddies zip up into their own, stinking, cutesy pouch! Kate Spade Saturday, $30
  2. A soft and light eye mask because again…sketchy hotels and also the adorable pouch thing. JCrew, $17
  3. Dance Party anyone? Best given to your friend that is a professional bridesmaid and needs to pump up the party at the drop of a hat. JCrew, $12
  4. A cool, edgy bangle that pairs well with her fit-bit OR her Rolex. & Other Stories, $22
  5. Any smart girl on the go knows the number one rule of life is HYDRATE! JCrew, $19
  6. How about a fill-in-your-own globe so she can mark off where she’s been and where she’s headed to next?! Anthropologie, $36 for Small
  7. Pocket sized moisturizers are TSA and SMP approved! & Other Stories, $8
  8. A girl who travels light needs items that pull double-duty, how about a saturated silk tank that can layer under a cardi for day and look sleek with a mini-skirt? Aritzia, $35
  1.  Because we hear the Midas Touch can tackle any table-top mess with ease. Anthropologie, $28
  2. You know what they say: buy new ornaments, but keep the old – the old one’s silver and the new one’s gold! JCrew, $16
  3. A little candle light gives every girl a golden glow! Kate Spade Saturday, $30
  4. She can play the trendy meets classic card with these reversible statement pearl earrings. Bauble Bar, $28
  5. Let her have her Taylor Swift moment with a red lip in a too-die-for gold tube. JCrew, $28
  6. All that gilded glory is literally dripping off her with this dainty bangle. & Other Stories, $28
  7. Maybe just one glass more? Crack another open with the most directive bottle-opener ever. Kate Spade Saturday, $25
Warm and Wooly Gift Guide
  1.  We recommend these for your city-dwelling friends. Let her put her feet up every. single. night with these. Just make sure she doesn’t leave the house in them! JCrew, $39
  2. Send a thousand warm wishes with Buffulo Plaid Stationary. CWonder, $18
  3. These tech-friendly beauties really go the extra mile..or should I say ELBOW mile? C Wonder, $58 –  share for 20% off + 30% site wide
  4. A girl wearing a sweater of a dog wearing a sweater?? Great warmth doesn’t sacrifice great cuteness. CWonder, $98 – share for 20% off + 30% site wide 
  5. Can you picture it now? Cute plaid shorts, cozy slippers and fire in the fireplace – hint: Give these on Christmas Eve!  JCrew, $37
  6. Her ears will never be freezing with the most luxe earmuffs I’ve ever seen. Anthropologie, $50
She's Seeing Stars Gift Guide
  1. Star cookie cutters for a STAR baker. Hopefully you’ll reap the benefits! JCrew, $8
  2. Don’t let her forget who she is with astrological phone case. Could also come in handy when star gazing. Kate Spade Saturday, $25
  3. For the fashionable Interstellar fan – rose gold orbiting chicness. Bauble Bar, $28
  4. Tiny studs make a huge impact for the girl with a pixie cut or in favor of the topknot. Etsy, $24
  5. Just because it’s a catch-all doesn’t mean it can’t be informative; educate her in astronomy with one starry tray. C Wonder, $34

Discount Heads Up – Get 30% off at JCrew with code GIVETHIS

Get 25% off at Kate Spade Saturday with code: RSVP

Get 30% off at C Wonder site wide

Happy Shopping everyone, tag us @stylemperfect with what you pick up to give out this holiday season!

xo – Haley


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