Consciously, Stylishly Coupling

My husband and I are way into day dates. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it has to do with working retail for a long time and frequently losing the middle part of the day to being stuck inside a boutique. Also, at night, I fall asleep. LIKE QUICK.  If I’m not asleep, I’m in front of the computer shopping for clients or blogging or setting up a Facebook post or…. you probably get it. Ryan, in his wisdom, has realized that he gets the best side of me midday, before exhaustion sets in, or I’m distracted by a long list of chores.

Recently, we grabbed brunch (!) with an old friend and loved the neighborhood we were in so much that it turned into a little blog-shoot. This season I continually reach for my leather pieces because they really pair up with anything, my options are limitless! When I’m out of town, I almost always bring a blazer along because, hello, instant outfit maker.

Ryan’s been obsessed with his dark denim jacket that he scored at a Levi’s OUTLET. Guys! You’ve gotta get one of these! He layers it under tweed overcoats and blazers or buttons it all the way up for a little dude matchy-matchiness. I love when our fall go-to’s collide for a very concious coupling. Sorry, Gwyneth, I’m staying with my man. He’s too well dressed to stay away.








In conclusion: go on a day date and buy a denim jacket and conquer your Friday.

xoxo – Haley  + Ryan

Haley is wearing: Blazer – J.Crew (Old Color, Same Style Here). Top – Old Navy (similar). Leggings – Nordstrom. Shoes – Nike. Necklace – Vanessa Mooney – (sold out).

Ryan is wearing: Jacket – Levis. Shirt – J.Crew. Jeans – Jack Spade. Shoes – Nike x Nordstrom Rack.


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