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NYFW: Fall 2014 Recap (part 2)

I’m back with yet another incredibly short and mildly inclusive list of what beautiful things went down the runways for Fall 2014 Fashion Week, here in New York City. I only jest about my coverage because there is a reason a team of magazine editors get paid to review next season’s looks: it’s a full-time job! There are countless shows, spread across multiple venues in the city, and they all seem to take place at the same time. Also, don’t forget that it’s freezing up here in the polar vortex, which adds a whole other element of cumbersome to the mix.

So much to see, so much to obsess over. Let me show you four of many, many shows I chose to cover:



I am trying to familiarize myself more with avant-garde designers as of late. Rodarte is usually a line I steer clear of because, typically, I just don’t get it. Fall 2014 was actually a bit more comprehendible for me, though. Two things made me very excited: bright, unexpected color combos, and long, full-leg trouser suits. Calling all Power Players of the female variety: your wardrobe has arrived, and it looks FIERCE.

Marc by Marc Jacobs


My go-to for all things fashion and Fashion Week! I’ve always been a MBMJ fan. Correction: I’ve always been infatuated with the Marc by Marc brand. Up until lately, I always felt like the line hit my style square on the head! Here’s what we can say about Fall 2014: IT WAS WEIRD. Talk about avant-garde! I could barely make out what some of the models were wearing, between the voluminous fits, the incredibly busy prints (not shown, I couldn’t do it), and the fiery, stringy braids. I can’t say I don’t love it, because I’ll always love this line, and part of why I like the line is because it can be unexpected. The sad thing about MBMJ this time around is that I couldn’t find pieces on the runway that I was dying to run to Nordstrom and pick up. I figured they probably over-styled the runway looks for the show to make a big-POW!statement, but I actually got the chance to go to the Marc showroom yesterday to view the new collection, and it was still pretty dang weird, and hard to style. Oh, well…

Jenny Packhamjennypackham

YES, HONEY! Now, this is a line that is easy to fall head-over-heels. Jenny designs the most beautiful, effervescent gowns! I cannot get enough! Next holiday season, I’ll be looking for a pair of silk, wine-colored trousers, or a v-neck sweater to wear with a feathery skirt. STUNNING and full of light – ladies if you have to dress-up in any part of the near, or far, future, take a cue from Jenny Packham, because she knows what’s up.

Oscar de la Renta

oscardelarentsI know that Oscar is not an American designer, but I classify him as one in my mind because that is the woman he loves to dress. Menswear inspired suiting, but with a feminine peplum on top. Long overcoats, topping velvety surplus dresses. It’s all too perfect. And DON’T get me started on those gowns! My absolute favorite is the one featured on the far right: velvet meets pink! Oh, it’s genius. If those Hollywood types are smart, they’ll call Mr. De La Renta today, and snag one of those gems for the Oscars. So what if it’s last-minute, these pieces are worth the risk!

Again, all images are taken from Style.com. If you like what you’ve seen here, head over there and check out the myriad of shows that took place this last week. Take fifteen minutes, and flip through two shows – you’ll walk away feeling inspired by what’s to come!

Happy Sunday, and happy browsing!

– Haley


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