Boys, Shopping Guide

V-Day the Boy’s Way

St. Valentine and his blessed holiday are here! With him he brings relationships, and once again, the challenge of picking out something that is exactly perfect for your valentine! Not to worry, though; I did a little digging, and found seven options that may make your last-minute cupid-quandry about five hours shorter, and three headaches easier.

v-day for your man

CB2 “Wes Anderson” – Any self-respecting quirky, artsy guy loves him some Wes Anderson. Give your man something that entertains and enlightens, and also has pictures of Owen Wilson with verrryy short hair.

J.Crew Medium-dot cotton socks – A great gift for every girl’s FIRST valentine – DADDY! Novelty socks are the best gift to give – thoughtful, without being boring.

Beanie hat – No bones about it, this winter has been HARSH. I’ve never stocked up on outerwear more, why not gift him something festive with his best interest in mind? Plus, he’ll just look so stinking CUTE!

Knit Polkas – Polka dots for the win! This tie will look dapper against a white button down and grey or black suit, or how about underneath a camel colored cardigan? An updated twist on the classic-guy tie.

ASOS Plimsolls – Wine is here to stay – and not just in your glass on Friday night! Burgundy isn’t going away, so why not pick up some trendy kicks for your Valentine?

Young the Giant – Broody, manly, and lovely. This may be a gift that will benefit the both of you! Trust me, this album will be a V-day gift he won’t throw away next week.

J.Crew PLAY Comme des Garçons® V-neck sweater – SPLURGE ALERT. These CDG pieces from the crew are not cheap, but goodness they are dripping with luxury and class. And now, he’ll finally wear his heart on his sleeve… er, chest.

Happy last-minute shopping, girls. This little list should do the trick, and if it doesn’t, just give him a kiss – he won’t need much to be pleased. Promise!

xoxo -Haley


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