(Rainy) Weekend Casual

As I look back on these pictures that I shot a few weeks ago, I think, “My, what a sunny day that was.” And by sunny, I mean that the sky was a slightly brighter shade of grey than it currently is.

When you commute largely as a pedestrian, your whole mentality to the elements shifts. No longer do I look forward to fresh snow on the ground: it turns into mush and secretive sneaky-puddles on the busy streets. What’s a sneaky-puddle? Oh, just a normal looking puddle until you step into it and realize that it’s actually two feet of melted snow-water. A good umbrella is a secret weapon, and it’s a major bummer if the wind catches this treasure the wrong way, or worse, a stranger brushes by too quickly and the little guy gets crumpled. City-dweller’s keys to surviving the streets: good boots and a good ‘brella.

Weekends are jewels, meant to be spent in diners, drinking too much coffee, or exploring your town with a buddy. This time of year, weekend casual wear has to work double-duty. For the girl-on-the-go in this fickle atmosphere, you have to marry function with fashion! Enter cute rain boots and enough layers that allow you to leave your topcoat open without catching hyperthermia.

Do these grey skies get you down? My tip is to slip on white jeans! Step light as to not ding the denim, but bright whites are sure to freshen-up your outlook on these six more weeks of winter that Punxsutawney Phil so kindly set us up with.


worth their weight in GOLD






Denim Shirt: Velvet (similar). Vest: Old Navy (similar – size down!). Jeans: J Brand. Boots: Hunter. Coat: Guess (similar). Umbrella: Joseph A Banks.

Take it easy this weekend – only two days ’til! In the meantime, put on something bright to chase these stormy, grey clouds away.

– Haley


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