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NYFW Fall/Winter 2014: Men’s Recap

As most of New York and all the world are prepping for Fashion Week as we know it, the men of the town have already walked down dimly lit runways with flashing lights behind them. From what I saw of Menswear for Fashion Week, it was as if Kanyeezy himself designed the sets  – what with flashing lights, and runways with codes scattered all over them via a projector. Also, from what I saw, I can tell you that the male persuasion will look good when the cold weather sets in, again (that is, of course, after it finally goes away!).

I covered just a few of the menswear shows – mostly my go-to boy brands, which is not to be confused with boy-bands (N*Sync, duh).

Rag and Bone

For two years in a row now, I’ve gifted my husband a Rag and Bone piece for Christmas. I cannot resist the line’s stand out textures and manly nonchalance.

ragbonemensHead’s up guys; from the looks of it, all of you will need a leather jacket this fall. Rag and Bone also sent ladies down the runway clad in menswear pieces, because those boy clothes are just too cool to pass up. Nubby cable-knits against short-sleeved bowling shirts make me think of times past and also wonder, “Can we just go ahead and make this collection available now?”

3.1 Phillip Lim

The theme of Lim’s line this season was, “Go West Young Man!” – as noted by wide collars, long shearlings, and less-subtle sweatshirts with horses screen printed on the torso.

Untitled-1My preference? The button-down shirt geometrically broken up with different patterns. Every guy is going to hate them, but mark my words, they’ll own a similar look in no less than two years. Fall looks bright for Lim, which is always a good sign, because guys are just getting comfortable with color – so let’s not scare them away. Next challenge: getting any conservative male into those patterned pants. Trust me; a pattern bottom you will also own within the next 24 months.

Ralph Lauren – Purple Label

After recently touring Ralph Lauren’s massive Madison Avenue store and learning more about the product, I have a whole new respect for this Americana line. There are very good reasons why RL has withstood the test of time.

rlpurplelabelFrom extreme debonair to preppy casual, this season put the man in menswear! I can’t decide which look I love most – that all black ensemble is incredibly downtown, while that three-piece patterned suit makes uptown look incredibly inviting.

Saint Laurent

By far my favorite show! Hedi Slimane is a bit of a savant, and this season I finally saw his genius. Two words: excellent topcoat.


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Jackets for everyone – take your pick, even though the decision is terribly difficult. Suede or studded, again, you’re gonna go for the leather next fall guys. Rock and roll is dressing up, but is anything but stuffy. Even the hardest of headbangers can’t resist the swagger of these looks. PS. Ever wondered what Hedi Slimane looks like? Basically, all of the show’s models can answer that question; I think 23 dead-ringers walked the show.

I highly, highly recommend going to to check out the Saint Laurent show, it was exciting, and enlightening to see all the different facets of a gentlemen. I even gave you the link – all you need to know about what next fall looks like is a simple click.

Daydreaming for autumn/any month that’s warmer,



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