A Simple Look

I’m pretty sure I read Carrie J’s blog schedule wrong. I thought it said Simple, but then we maybe changed it to Workwear meets evening? But was I off a week? I’m not really sure because I keep notes in my phone, but also write things down in my moleskin planner.

All that being said, I’m sticking with my simple shoot because it sounds like SIMPLE is what we all need right about now. I stress-out if I didn’t take the Rachel Zoe approach to my looks: accessories everywhere. Bangles to the elbow, layered necklaces, a scarf, handbag – the works. That’s fashion, and that’s style, and there’s a time and a place.

The same goes for simple. Why write a sonnet when you can just say “I love you?” Why pile it all on when a simple silk shirt, knit vest, and black pants will take you all day, and into dinner with friends? I’m combining two scenarios: a chic approach that meets every demand of the day. Even when it comes to outerwear, simple can be not only practical, but pretty!





Everything’s buried beneath a coat, anyway.


Silk blouse: Equipment. Vest: GAP (similaryes it is Cold Water Creek?!). Pants: Rag and Bone. Boots: Dover (similar). Coat: Guess (similar). Scarf: Nordstrom BP.

Don’t stress and fuss, girls, it’s not a good look. Trust me; this is coming from the voice of over-experience.

– H


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