Cold Weather, Daytime Look

Oversized Coat: Part (H)oover


I’ve never been more attached to layers than this winter. I am a summer girl at heart; shorts and breezy tanks is where I prefer to reside. Currently, I, like most of the country, reside in the #polarvortex where the wind practically contains ice chips. Fingers turn blue in the blink of a wind-burned, tearing eye. A big ol’ layer-able coat is exactly what the weather man ordered! I’m obsessed with my shearling, oversized lapel; it’s so cozy, and blocks chilly gusts. Plus, it’s lean enough to fold up under my winter parka. Layers, on layers, on layers, folks.

Meanwhile, don’t you think the guys should get in on this trendy-meets-classic cloak option? Ryan shows us how guys can pull off a longer coat, when a suit and tie are not required. Keywords: great topcoat and layers.



My kicks add a kick of color, don’t you think?

IMG_4553IMG_4583IMG_4585I’m wearing:

Shearling: Nordstrom Rack (similar). Top (not seen, oh no!): Loft. Hat: Vintage. Pants: Rag & Bone. Sneakers: Nike. Bag: Alexander Wang. Gloves: Moschino (similar).

Ryan is wearing:

Topcoat: J.Crew. Hat: Nordstrom Rack (similar). Pocket Square: J.Crew. Field Jacket: Banana Republic (similar). Jeans: J Brand. Boots: Redwing. Gloves: Nordstrom Rack (similar).

Shopping note: don’t be fooled by the prices in the links. Half of this stuff comes from Nordstrom Rack (oh my gosh…. the deals).

Lose yourself…. in an oversized coat.

– H + R


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