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Christmas Cuddle Duds

‘Tis the weekend before Christmas…. so I put together some snuggly-cute options, appropriate for a few different scenarios on the Big Day next week!

Christmas Cuddle Duds

Christmas Cuddle Duds by style-me-perfect

Up at Dawn: Now, many of you, sweet readers, have lots of sugarplums that will be up before the sun next Wednesday, ready to see what Santa brought! If you are anything like my parents, you will have stayed up ’til 2am wrapping gifts, so looking pulled together for 6am gift-opening pictures won’t be the first thing on your mind. This is why I love the classic pj set. They always look adorable – there is a reason why Audrey Hepburn wore them in her old movies! Preppy and simple always does the trick. Put these cuddle duds on when you take your post-gift-wrapping-speed-nap, and be prepared to stay in them until it’s time to take the ham out of the oven! Slide-on slippers will keep your feet comfy-toasty, too.

Guest for the Day: Some of us girls may be traveling with a significant other, or a close friend, and might be meeting new family for the first time. Either that, or maybe pants just aren’t your thing? Get festive in a plaid sleep shirt for Christmas morn! They are sooo “The Night before Christmas,” and when you put on the fluffy bootie-slippers or socks, you’ll feel cozy and covered, without overheating. A lot of families gift each other pajamas on Christmas Eve, and now I get why. Who wants to open gifts and sip hot cocoa in last year’s soccer championship t-shirt? We only get a month to feel Christmas, and just one DAY to celebrate – live it up, snugglers!!

Home for the Holidays: Now, there are lucky ones, like us Hoovers, who will be holed up at home on Christmas. After a long, long work week, lounge clothes are just what the doctor ordered. What’s better than mix-and-match? Honey, as long as it’s jersey cotton for flannel, I’m good. If your home is of the icebox variety, go for the leggings and graphic print by Kensie. For the inferno home, such as mine, choose the shorts from the ever-faithful-pajama-making Victoria Secret. Seriously people, Vicky does not skimp on the cutest jammies! Note: If family is stopping by, make sure those shorts aren’t TOO cheeky.

That’s it folks! Being stylish even pertains to loungewear. Your favorite t-shirt is the softest one in your dresser, isn’t it? The holidays are about home and joy and new life and tradition. Here is my Christmas hope for you: that all is calm, all is bright, that you get to cuddle with those that you love dearly, and that you know that unto us a Child is born. For a moment, in pj’s or not, all is right in the world.

Cheers. I wish you a Merry Christmas!



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