Cold Weather, Fall/Winter

Are you Fur real?

smart lady

smart lady.

Winter’s wrath up here in the northerly parts of the country is actually quite devastatingly real. The worst part about being in the cold in a city is that you actually have to spend an ungodly a significant amount of time in it. Those blogger pics you see from last week, wearing an open coat? Yea, those are lies. Those girls ran outside and snapped pics and then hustled back inside to slip into leggings, Hunter boots, and a down puffer. Believe me, I’ve seen the bloggers taking pictures on the street and they don’t stay in those outfits all day. If they do, their daddies have money and they live a charmed life. I have found one glam option to be bundled up AND look chic in: FUR. It’s so darn controversial, but oh so needed for those of us that have the REAL ELEMENTS to deal with. Currently, I have access to a gorgeous full length fur that is my mother’s. I wore it on my wedding day.

Get it, Olly Po!

Get it, Olly Po!

I often pine for it as I pass those saucy old ladies leaving Bloomingdales wearing fur coats with hats and gloves to match. NYC dips back into the 1950’s somehow and I’m not sure why/how. But the matching gloves and hats and furs are alllll up on the streets here on the Upper East Side. I also have a great cropped jacket that mostly resides on the back of the chair by my vanity table. He makes a nice seat cushion, but is actually starting to come in quite handily since the temperature took a nosedive.

Fur Myth: Furs are only for dressy occassions. FALSE. You can wear your fur much like you wear a leather or denim jacket during the daytime. Just dress it down! I very much adore the distressed jean and fur combo – shown here on Olivia Polermo (Olly-Po – as I like to call her).

Simple shades and a small bag are all you really need here.

I like how some girls dress their fur down even more, by layering knit sweatshirts underneath and keeping it tough in a great laceless loafer. It’s almost as if this young lady replaced her tendy Patagonia fleece with a fur. I’d say that ups the ante a little, wouldn’t you!? If this is what college girls are wearing now, I wanna go back.


Here is my furry attempt to dress down my cropped faux fur jacket. Normally, I reserve this guy outdoor winter weddings and nighttime events. Easy skinnies, faithful knit cap, and my trusy black booties. Done and done, and unbelievably warm, I might add.

So faux, but so good.

So faux, but so good.

OH the weather outside is frightful, but this fur is soooo delightful. Stay warm, hope you can get cozy with the people you adore sometime soon.




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