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Perfect Hi-Lo-Ho Ho Ho Gifts for Him

I love the Christmas season for many reasons: time with family, permission to sing cheesy songs (I hope?), festive outfits, and the excuse to shop…. for everyone! Often, it’s difficult to shop for the boys in our lives. Guys are typically SO easy to please, that they are, in fact, difficult to please. If I had unlimited spending funds, I would happily pick up all of these goodies for the boys in my life. Take a look, and hopefully some of these picks will jog your shopping cap, too!

Gifts for HIm
Tie Bar $15
These shorty tie bars make the perfect stocking stuffer! They add a little twist to his everyday suit, too!
Persol Round Sunglasses $310
Oh geez, don’t we love our guys in a pair of cool shades? Boyfriends, husbands, best friends – any guy deserves a grade-A pair of frames like these from Persol.
We love our husbands for getting up everyday, and bringing home the bacon. What exactly does he bring said bacon home in? Maybe it’s time to upgrade his briefcase. No backpacks, no zippy, black computer bags here.

The gym bag probably needs an upgrade while we’re at it, too, huh? OBEY makes a roomy duffle that will fit everything your buddy needs to train for that 5K he’s talking about running. Or just for playing basketball on the weekends, or whatever.
Cool kicks are in, and what guy doesn’t want the green light to wear sneakers with his chinos? These sporty tennis shoes look cool and collected, even off the court.

Billy Reid is such a manly line of clothes. Exhibit A – his stores. These polos come in a range of colors, and are soft, soft, soft. One for Dad, and one for your brother.
So, it’s true; good headphones really do make a difference in the music. Tom Petty will sound sooo much better to your uncle on these headphones.

Lucky hat alert! Ebbets makes amazing flannel hats with throwback logos. Buy him a hat that you’ll be fine seeing every weekend.
The Boys of Summer $13
SPORTS. Guys love them, girls…. learn to love them? Give your man a break from reading spreadsheets, and the New York Times; put a little sports-related literature in his stocking. It’ll be a (wait for it)…. HOME RUN.
I see alot of people downsizing in what they are putting into their pockets these days. No bulk with this little wallet. It’ll fit the money and cards you need, without looking like you are sitting on a flattened baseball.

Most of these items you can just add to your list, and pick up while you’re out. OR just pick them up online – easy-peasy, and you still have plenty of time to get everything wrapped, and under the tree. Happy shopping you guys, and please enjoy this wonderful time of year we are in!

Jingle-jangle, and everything good!




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