His & Hers – JCrew Style Sessions

In our house, the Crew is king. J.Crew, that is. Ryan and I bonded very early on in our relationship over our love of J.Crew’s clean-cut, quirky, mixed-up styling, and the brilliance of its monthly catalogue. J.Crew is hosting another one of its #stylesessions, so Ryan and I took our weekly, cut-throat-competitive Style-Off to the store, baby. Here’s the skinny on how this week’s Style-Off works: we each picked an outfit for ourselves, and each other. We will be posting our looks on Instagram later today for J.Crew, and want to know what you, sweet readers, think! Vote in the poll below on whose looks you like best!

photo 1

Haley’s Styled Looks: I went True Crew with the looks I chose for us. Preppy, playful, and cute! This is what I love the most about this brand; you can mix and match almost every piece, and it will always flow together. This look is very… us, circa early-to-mid 2011 & 2012. It’s dear to my heart, and an easy look to fall back into. Plus, those shoes are a dream heel-height and color for fall!

What’d you think Ry?
R: It’s a cute look. I don’t want to say that it’s cute, but it’s cute.
Anything else?
R: J.Crew always does a good job including what I like to call “personality pieces.” The horse sweater, and the strong-guy tie are perfect examples of how the brand allows their clients to wear their hearts on their sleeves (or around their necks).

photo 5

Ryan’s Styled Looks: I am on a black kick right now. I recently bought some black denim from J Brand, and a black, sporty jacket from Zara, and I can’t stop wearing them. That said, in this look, I mixed black with some earthy brown tones. It’s risky to mix the two colors, but with the right shades, it can look sophisticated, even when done casually. Haley is rocking a pair of leather piped leggings, but the cherry on top (literally), is the “Bailey for J.Crew” felt hat atop her noggin. This couple looks like they mean business; a look I hope we achieve some day, my dear.

What was your favorite thing about this look?
H: I mean, I’ve never met a hat I don’t like… and with my new hair, I think it’s phenom. I need a new topper for fall and this guy may need to make his way into my closet. I also need to wear more black; you’re cooler than me.
Who’s your daddy?
H: …..I’m not answering that.

If you’re reading this, thank you in advance. And please, vote in the poll below on whose looks you like the best! We really want to know! We included some extra photos and close-ups, to help you better decide…

Until next week,

Haley’s Styled Looks:

photo 2

Be sure to hit up a J.Crew #stylesession tomorrow!

photo 3

photo 4


Ryan’s Styled Looks:
photo 6 photo(2)photo 7


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