August Rush

Now, July is almost over. Even now I’m wiping a huge tear from my eyeball. However, there is still puh-lenty of summertime left. Only the kids have to go back to school, not us working girls! As far as I’m concerned, summer goes on until mid-September. I’m still wearing shorts and still eating ice cream. So THERE, it’s still summer.

Let’s do some word association. August – heat. Heat – sweat. Sweat – ew. Cool? – yes, please. Cool – Jen Aniston. I promise this is actually going somewhere!

When the thermometer in my car is 98 degrees plus, I want to feel cool and breezy. No one does easy and cool like Jen. She’s never met a khaki or tank top she didn’t like. There is nothing wrong with throwing on what you know, and certainly, this girl delivers. A simple top and bottom, combined with a killer watch and rugged belt, equals a gorgeous outfit à la Miss Aniston. The great thing about her style is that she does the boy-meets-girl look much different from the way J Crew does it. Jen rocks a womanly silhouette, with manly accessories, and J Crew puts a beautiful girl in a boyish silhouette, topped-off with a glitzy necklace. This, my dears, is why I love fashion. Similar concept + different approach = completely opposite results.

Let’s explore the Rachel, I mean Jen’s look:

jen aniston style
Welcome, class, to Aniston 101.

Here’s what you need to concoct an Aniston outfit.
  1. A luxurious tee. Her tees just lay right. It’s because they are woven from high-class cotton. It’s soft and thin and screams WEAR ME as soon as you touch it. I’m not saying spend fifty bucks on every tee-shirt you buy. Sometimes we all shop Old Navy. But perhaps a few piperlime specials like this one, are in order. Honorable mention in the tee category: Michael StarsT by Alexander Wang, and Splendid.
  2. A khaki/chino/linen bottom. This element is of two-fold importance: A. These fabrics breathe (no more sticky legs!) and B. They are, typically, the perfect marriage of structured, casual coolness. This is where you can play with quality. Gap makes a great summer pant, and Here She Is. BOOM.
  3. A minimal flat sandal, or rope inspired wedge. Natural colors only, please. No Kim K shoes here. I’ve also never seen her – voluntarily seen her – in a Louboutin. Nothing sky-high when she’s off the clock. So pressure’s off, girls.
  4. Just a few accessories: a very cool watch – possibly borrowed from a boy – and one or two pendant necklaces. If you layer, keep it to a minimum. No fuss, and no getting tangled up in yourself while you load groceries into your car in the Kroger parking lot. Maybe I’m just speaking from personal experience here.
  5. A heavy belt. This is probably one of my favorite elements of her style. Her belts are usually thick and have a big buckle. It’s like she was getting dressed, running out the door, and pulled the belt out of the belt loops of her boyfriend’s/fiance’s jeans laying on the bedroom floor. That’s truly effortless style, people. Don’t over think it, and use your resources. If your man goes beltless, so be it. Just point him in the direction of our men’s division in about two weeks.
There you have it. A summertime diva look that takes just a few minutes to put together. Yoga body not included. But nevertheless, I know all you darlings will look amazing.
Go get em, girls! I’ll be there for you.

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