Summer Obsessions

This is my jam, ya’ll. Because it’s summer time, officially, and because I am co-editor of this blog, we are doing two posts on our summer obsessions! I’m a July baby, so I absolutely love to bake in the sun, wear breezy clothing, and borrow from the boys.  Because oversized+skimpy=a really cool outfit. Lemme show you what I’m wearing when I’m off the clock, and be-boppin around music city.

Haley's Summer Obsession

Petite top – 
I tend to go pretty hard with big, memorable accessories when it’s hot out, so I like to start with a clean palette in the way of a clean white tee. Tuck a floppy tee into the swingy shorts, throw on wedges, and you’re good to go. Or bikini top, white tee, and cutoffs for errands, coffee stops, and lunch meetings. No fuss, but big impact.

I am a shorts lover. Any type, I will wear them. When May rolls around, I really hate to wear jeans or any type of long pant. A high-waisted, skirt/short combo really flatters my figure. I have a small waist, but very, um, womanly hips so these guys accentuate all the right places.

Sam Edelman
The Gigi sandal. Comes in a million colors, lasts for ages, and is comfy. Do yourself a favor and spend the $60 bucks. I expect thank you comments below.

J Crew palm leaf hat
Remember when I said borrow from the boys? This wide-brimmed hat was made famous by ol’ Teddy Roosevelt, but geez I love to rock it. Hair down or up, the lightweight Panama is my sidekick. Or topkick? Or headkick? Moving on.

J.Crew aviator sunglasses
Because everyone looks tough, a la Kelly McGillis in Top Gun, in a pair of Ray Bans.

Eloise Ditzy Garden Set
Alright, don’t get too excited girls, let’s stay classy. This isn’t a music festival, so don’t wear this alone, but it is nice to layer something like this bra top underneath a breezy jersey tank. A little color plays well against neutrals or solids, and it’s better than your nude bra strap that you constantly tuck, retuck, and tuck again under your tank.
Also let’s not forget the Tall Iced Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato with light drizzle in the picture. Because every summer girl needs something cool in her hand. Happy Summer Solstice, dolls.
– Haley

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