Babies + Grads

Baby Showers + Graduations

This weekend was a happy one. I got to go to my alma mater, throw a baby shower for a dear friend on Saturday morning, and watch my last set of college friends walk across a stage to receive their diplomas. I didn’t want to fuss with changing, so I picked an outfit that could handle both events.

Dress – A tulip hem dress is easy to move around in and sit in. A great jewel tone doesn’t hurt anything either, but I actually wore this in a punchy marigold color. Don’t throw all caution to the wind though, the breeze can play some tricks on ya! I had a few Marilyn Monroe moments this weekend…

Wedges – This ensemble has a lot going on in the upper region, so I decided to just play down the lower region. You never want an outfit to take too long to understand it. So, I kept the shoes simple and easy – plus, I was able to set up decor, make hor’s d’oeuvres, and navigate across a grassy lawn with ease!

Earrings – In true boho chic fashion, I went big with my layered necklaces and big with my earrings. It worked! I love layers on layers on layers.

Necklaces from Left to Right – I think as the day went on, I added more necklaces. It just felt so right. Because everything I attended was a daytime event, I was able to play with sizes and textures of each piece. Nighttime would have needed a tad more glam. Necklace OneNecklace Two, and Necklace Three. 

Clutch – Bomb clutch. Bought this at work on a whim and let me tell you, that whim was a good one.

Complementing Julep nail polishes, Ginger & Minnie, add the perfect pop of color for each occasion. 

This weekend was about making life happen, and about having an outfit that could help me enjoy celebrating it all. It went well my dears. Babies and grads both agree this weekend was a success.

#yolo, Haley

Celebrating with the Grads

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